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Cins Guides - Englisch

Postby Kant » Sat 10. Feb 2018, 21:56

Cin hat seine Posts im offiziellen Forum vor lauter Wut über das neue Forum gelöscht, hat aber nichts dagegen, wenn sie in Gildenforen repostet werden.

Hier also eine Sammlung an wichtigen oder interessanten Sachen.

Damage for Dummies
How to Heal
Class Struggle in Hyboria - What class should I play
Dungeons and Godslayers
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Re: Cins Guides - Englisch

Postby Kant » Sat 10. Feb 2018, 21:57

Damage for Dummies

Here is some info about damage in AoC and dealing of it. Stuff cribbed from Tul over here:, Cynara’s blog over there: and Sheerkya's guide copied here:

To start with, there's 7 types of damage: Physical (you might see piercing/crushing/slashing elsewhere but that's ********, it's all physical), Poison, Electric, Fire, Cold, Holy, Unholy.


This stuff is kind of important if you want to deal damage.

There's three layers of damage reduction. Deflection, Mitigation and Invulnerability.

Damage Deflection is your (and enemy's) first line of defense. It reduces all incoming damage from anything and everything (except fall damage, your stats fail to impress gravity). One point in Damage Deflection is one percent less damage making it through this first layer of defense. We see DD in abilities such as soldier feat Cunning Deflection or "bubbles" like Hand of Mitra and Blessed Conquest.
Those 3 directional shields around everything are also sort of DD too. They work against melee hits from their directions (magical damage ignores shields). Stacking shields means more or less stacked DD so shields are pretty important if you're melee. So this means depending on enemy's shields, you'll be dealing:
No directional shields = %20 more damage (-20 DD)
1 directional shield = normal damage
2 directional shields = 1/3 less damage (+33 DD)
3 directional shields = 2/3 less damage (+66 DD)
Note that shields don't protect the back: if you're standing behind an enemy or you're standing on his/her/its side and using combos that'll land on his/her/its back, you'll be bypassing the directional shields.
There's a stat called Penetration Rating (usually feated, such as Slaughter for BS) that negates DD point by point, but it's not very common. This also works against directional shields.
Warning: Penetration Rating is not Armor Penetration. AP (also from BS's Slaughter or guard's Precise Attacks) bypasses enemy's Armor value and does squat against Deflection. Don't mix these two up.
DD can be more than 100 (such as conqueror's Blessed Conquest) but this is pretty pointless aside from foiling the odd Penetration Rating.

Your next line of defense is Mitigation. This is a numeric value that comes from item stats, spells (such as +1250 protection(something) stuff from casters) and feats (like +Armor/+Protection from general trees). This total then translates into a mitigation percentage through some nonlinear formula that I don't care to know (the results are already visible in your character sheet).
Your (and enemy's) Armor value decreases incoming Physical and Poison damage. Your (and enemy's) 5 seperate Protection values do the same for magical damage types (if it says just +Prot instead of +Prot(something), it means it adds to all types of Prot).

The last layer of defense is Invulnerability. There's one for all 7 types of damage (while Armor value protects against both Physical and Poison, they have seperate invuls). Invul is a percentage modifier that can be positive or negative and it only affects the specific damage type. A 7% holy invul means incoming holy damage drops by 7% and a -12% fire invul means incoming fire damage increases by 12%. It's possible to have an Invul number higher than 100% and this will make that specific type of damage heal the target instead of harming (such as Molten Flesh of hox).
Everything that says Invul happens on this layer (all spells like Molten Flesh, wracks and ruins, guild city buffs or defensive/frenzy stances). All of these things stack linearly; a hox that gets Elemental Ruin (-15%) while Molten Flesh is running (+120%) who has a guild city buff (+1%) will have %106 fire invul.

Note that the damage reduction % numbers you see in your character sheet is the sum of Mitigation and Invulnerability layers, you can see these seperately if you hover. All 3 layers are multiplied for the total damage reduction.
An example to make all this weird stuff understable:
We have a soldier whose Armor value translates into 40% physical mitigation in normal stance. Something deals 100 physical damage to him, he mitigates 40% and takes 60 damage.
He goes defensive stance, which is a flat +7% invul to everything. 100 physical damage comes again, 60 damage passes through Mitigation layer, then Invulnerability layer removes %7 of 60 so finally soldier takes 55,8 damage.
Before the next 100 damage comes, soldier stacks all his shields to left so he'll take only 1/3 from melee attacks on left. Shields drops the incoming 100 damage to 33.3, then Mitigation reduces it by 40% so 19,98 damage passes that layer, then Invulnerability takes away 7% of 19,98 so finally soldier takes 18,58 damage. (ignore any errors with fractions here)
If he'd also used Cunning Deflection in addition to shield stacking, he'd have 99 DD. Direction shields and normal DD work as seperate layers (otherwise it'd go over 100).


You got all that? Good. Now comes the part where we destroy these defenses so we can deal more damage. We do this with two things. First is a couple of stats called Armor Penetration and Spell Penetration. If you have these stats, your attacks will be ignoring X amount of enemy's Armor and Protection values, passively increasing your damage. And second is the debuffs that decrease enemy's defenses so everyone does more damage. A debuff is “a harmful effect placed on an enemy target” and every class gets a number of those.

The primary debuffs that we care about hit the Invulnerability and Mitigation layers. Other debuffs affect enemy's damage, healing and movement. And finally, some debuffs provide what might be called a reverse proc. The reverse proc puts a beneficial short term buff on the attacker (such as bear's various claws spells). We don't much care about other debuffs here.

Invulnerability Debuffs

There's 2 types of Invul debuffs: Wracks (-10%) and Ruins (-15%). They're further divided into Physical, Elemental and Spiritual. You can have all 6 of them going at the same time. Applying these again refreshes their duration.

Physical Wrack is -10% Physical and Poison Invul for 30 seconds.
Physical Ruin is -15% Physical and Poison Invul for 15 seconds.
Spiritual Wrack is -10% Holy and Unholy Invul for 30 seconds.
Spiritual Ruin is -15% Holy and Unholy Invul for 15 seconds.
Elemental Wrack is -10% Fire, Electric and Cold Invul for 30 seconds.
Elemental Ruin is -15% Fire, Electric and Cold Invul for 15 seconds.

Mitigation Debuffs

These are called Torments and they decrease the Armor/Protection values of the enemy. Torments stack up to 5 when applied again, increasing the benefit linearly with each stack. After reaching 5 stacks, each additional application of the debuff will refresh the duration. Again all 3 of them can be on at the same time. However unlike Invulnerability, Mitigation does not go below zero.

Physical Torment is -900 armor per stack for 30 seconds. Fully stacked is -4500 armor.
Spiritual Torment is -250 Holy and Unholy Protection per stack for 30 seconds. Fully stacked is -1250 Holy and Unholy Protection.
Elemental Torment is -250 Fire, Electric, and Cold Protection per stack for 30 seconds. Fully stacked is -1250 Fire, Electric and Cold Protection.

Every single one of these 9 primary debuffs have a unique (if hard to distinguish) icon.

Here's a list of who can do what:
Conqueror (Breach), Guardian (Guard Destroyer), Bear Shaman (Rune of Aggression)

Bear Shaman (Mani. of Forest), Assasin (Grim Corruption), Necromancer (Gangrenous Stench), Conqueror (Feint Attack), Ranger (Armor Ripper)

Bear Shaman (Crush Armor), Assassin (Burden to Bear), Barbarian (Wreck Armor), Conqueror (any banner or technique), Ranger (Armor Ripper)

Priest of Mitra (Avert Thines Eyes), Dark Templar (Dread Shadow), Necromancer (Frenzy)

Priest of Mitra (Rebuke), Assassin (Grim Corruption), Dark Templar (Unhallowed Blight)

Necromancer (Bligthed One pet, Grim Hunger, Lifestrike), Assasin (Miasma: Soul Toxin, 2 stacks), Priest of Mitra (Wandering Disciple)

Tempest of Set (Curse of Set), Herald of Xotli (Inferno Curse)

Tempest of Set (Lightning Sparks), Demonologist (Chaotic Blast), Herald of Xotli (Molten Steel Slash)

Tempest of Set (Storm Throne), Necromancer (Deathly Blizzard), Demonologist (Blazing fire, Soul Resonance), Conqueror (any banner or technique)
So let's see what these do (again ignore small fraction errors):
Remember the soldier? Imagine we inflict full debuffs on him. Now his Armor value is 4500 lower thanks to 5xTorment, which means his physical mitigation is screwed. He'd need 8800 Armor for 40% mitigation and when torment drops his Armor to 4300, he'll have 20,5% left (I've checked these specific values). He also got -25% Invul from Wrack and Ruin. 100 damage comes in again, gets mitigated to 79,5 but then Invul layer increases that by 25% so soldier takes 99,37 damage (up from 60).
He goes defensive stance, so his invul is now -%18. 100 physical damage comes again, 79,5 damage passes through Mitigation layer again, then Invul layer increases that by 18% so finally soldier takes 93,81 damage (up from 55,8).
Before the next 100 damage comes, soldier stacks all his shields to left so he'll take only 1/3 from melee attacks on left. Shields drops the incoming 100 damage to 33.3, then Mitigation reduces it by 20,5% so 26,47 damage passes that layer, then Invul adds %18 to it so finally soldier takes 31,23 damage (up from 18,58).
If this attacker had Armor Penetration, such as a BS with 5/5 Slaughter (+700 AP), the soldier's Armor would've counted as 3600, crushing his Mitigation even more (something like 13-16% I think).

As can be seen, debuffs make a pretty dramatic difference. If this wasn't a soldier, his Armor would've likely dropped to 0 and he'd be screwed even harder. Now this example assumes full debuffing, which may not always be possible in a group but debuffing is overall pretty nice for damage.
TLDR, debuff the **** out of your enemies.


Melee Damage

When you do a combo (or a normal hit), you'll usually deal damage to all enemies in a cone in front of you. There are some combos that deal damage to everything nearby but that's not default. The size of this hit cone depends on your weapon. Daggers are tiny and polearms are gigantic, one handed weapons are medium and two handed weapons are larger. Your targeted enemy takes the full damage but any other enemies you happen to hit takes 75% damage (some classes have AA that makes certain combos hit more than one target for full damage but they're not exactly common).

Whether you do a normal directional attack ("white hit" cos the number that flies up is white) or a combo (the numbers flying up is orange), the basic formula holds:
Damage = dps number x animation length

Your dps number in the character sheet has two parts: DPS from Weapon and DPS from Combat Rating. First one is quite easy to understand, but Combat Rating is your bonus damage that comes from everything else. You can see Combat Rating and its breakdown in the other tab of your character sheet. CR comes from items and stats. 1 Strength or Dexterity adds 3 CR (Dex for daggers and bows/xbows, Str for everything else). Items can have generic CR bonus or a specific type of CR bonus. Specific CR can be either types of magic damage or weapon types. So CR(dagger) will only increase your dps when using daggers and CR(cold) will add cold damage to your melee hits (which will ignore enemy's armor and be stopped by cold protection instead). Regardless of its breakdown, CR will increase your melee damage as:
36.6 CR = 1 dps
All CR is good (unless it's not for your weapon), get as much CR as you can regardless of its type.

A combo is comprised of a Starter and a Finisher with extra white hits in between. There are some "combos" which are just a Finisher (like Slam you got on the Beach). You'll see a red +x dps for Starter and Finisher on a combo's tooltip, these show how much doing this combo will add to your basic dps in your character sheet.

Combo = Preparation + Finisher
Preparation = Starter (1st Hit when you press the button) + extra white Hits
Finisher = X Hits starting from last Hit of preparation sequence

Finisher has a single animation of fixed duration, hence the Finisher "cast bar". Finisher Duration is usually larger than a single hit animation but faster than X times the animation of 1 Hit for a X-Hits Finisher. So when you do a combo and see 3 orange numbers flying, that means its Finisher hit 3 times and the Finisher animation took less than 3 white hit animations. This is the whole point: Finishers hit for (a lot) more damage than white hits and they deal that damage in a shorter time.

The damage a combo deals is:
Combo Damage = [StarterDPS x Starter hit animation time] + [DPS x white hit animation time] (repeat this for every combo step along the way) + [FinisherDPS x Finisher animation time]

DPS = the number you see in your character sheet
StarterDPS = DPS + combo's Starter DPS bonus
FinisherDPS = DPS + combo's Finisher DPS bonus

White hit animation times depend on hit directions since directional attack animations aren't equal, but Finishers have specific animation times. (Tul has done some detailed analysis for DT in the link above).

The combos you got in Tortage are generic archetype combos and they're all terrible once you're out. Never ever use any of them after lv25.
(I know slam is exception with vom for dt, shut up, that’s not newbie info...)

You'll sometimes see various buffs and feats and such that says something like "+x% to weapon damage". This means they only increase the "DPS from your weapon" part of damage equations.

special edit for ranger: I don't even pretend to understand wtf is going on with rangers since its revamp.

extra special edit for assasin, barbarian and conqueror: When you fight with two weapons, your every white hit has a chance of doing an instant second hit. You can see your chance of getting an offhand attack on your character sheet (this is increased by offhand rating stat from items). An offhand hit will do %50 damage of a normal hit if both weapons have the exact same DPS number. DPS of your left hand weapon affects the damage of your offhand hits in some roundabout what that I'm not entirely clear on, but higher number = more damage as always.
(also ranger's offhand hit chance is a flat zero as far as I know, so even though they can use the most dashing of weapon combinations in sword and dagger, it's for nothing)

Magic Damage

The formula for magical damage is:
Damage = Base + Coefficient x Bonus Spell Damage

Your Bonus Spell Damage for every type is listed on your character sheet. This stat comes from your items as +Magic Damage or +Magic Damage(type) and your Intelligence or Wisdom. Intelligence adds to mages' damage, Wisdom adds to priests' (and templar's) damage.
1 Wis/Int = 0.6 Bonus Spell Damage

DTs use unholy, poms use holy, tos use electric, hox use fire, necro use unholy and cold, demo use fire and electric. And all of them use generic +magic. Keep that in mind when looking at items.

There are certain feats that give an increase of Base damage, which then becomes Feated base damage for the corresponding power. This boost is always a %-gain to base damage, such as +400% to Dark Hand for DTs.

Every spell has a Coefficient. This is a hidden number (far as I know) but it's possible to calculate this (which I won't do here). This number determines how much your damage will scale with Bonus Spell Damage (aka items). Low Coefficient means it won't get much better and high Coefficient means it'll get a lot better. The better gear you collect, the more important Coefficients become. High base and bad scaling spells makes for good damage when you're a dirt poor green 80, but low base and great scaling spells surpass them better once you get enough shinies.


Sometimes you’ll deal more damage than normal. It’s called a critical hit and happens for both melee and magic damage. A critical hit does %50 more damage than a normal one.

Critical Chance stat you see on your character sheet shows what your odds for getting a crit is, hover to see both melee and magic. This has a base value: 5% for daggers, 2.5% for all other weapons and spells. Critical Hit Rating bonus from your items (and possibly feats) improves this as:
36.6 Critical Hit Rating = +1% critical chance (at level 80)

Critical Bonus Damage you see on your character sheet under Critical Chance shows how much more damage you’ll do on top of the base 50% when you do get a crit. This is increased by Critical Damage Rating stat from items (and possibly feats) as:
36.6 Critical Damage Rating = +1% bonus damage (at level 80)

Crits are countered by Critigation and Critigation Amount. These also use the same 36.6=1% (at 80) formula. This is a "seperate roll" that kicks in after a crit happens and it reduces only the extra damage caused by the crit. So if a normal hit does 100 while a crit does 175 damage, a target with 53% critigation chance and 40% critigation amount will take (75*0,4=30 less damage) 145 damage on 53% of crits.

You’ll have no critigation until 80.

(There's also something called Tenacity, which lowers the target's critigation amount. It's only found on pvp items.)


This is another important thing. You need hit rating or your attacks will miss and your spells will be resisted. You (and enemies) have a base %5 chance of completely missing with every attack or spell. The levels also effect the "to hit roll" by changing miss chance 1% per level difference.

You also deal half damage sometimes. This is called a glance and is the opposite of a crit. This happens because your Hit Rating stat isn't as high as it should be for the enemy you're fighting. The amount of damage you lose increases very fast with the level difference. The reason it becomes virtually impossible to kill a mob 6 levels higher than you is lack of hit chance (at least while leveling, only lv80 items have enough bonus hit chance that allow you to fight 85+ mobs with any chance of success).

Hit Rating will decrease this miss chance. It counters both evasion/immunity bonuses and the base 5%. You can see this as Hit Bonus Chance on your character sheet. So for example if your enemy's stats give it a +2.4% evade chance bonus and it's 3 levels higher than you, your total chance to miss will be 10.4%. Then if your Hit Bonus Chance is 6.4%, you'll have a 4% chance to miss with your attacks. You might've heard somewhere that you need at least 10% hit bonus. This is true: you need 10% bonus to overcome the base miss chance of a level 85 mob. This "mandatory" hit chance increases even more for higher tiers of raiding.

Once your Bonus Hit Chance reduces enemy's miss chance to 0, it will start reducing the glance chance. [no one really knows exactly how this works]

Once again, the formula for Hit Rating, Evade Rating and Immunity Rating values is:
36.6 = 1% (at level 80)

A final note on hit rating is that there's a certain debuff type called "miss chance/fizzle chance" and these will directly lower your chance to hit with attacks or spells by a flat percentage. Luckily these aren't very common (noteworthy exceptions would be Vayaspârâ in DMH who can stack 80% permanent miss chance on you or the Bewilder combo from shamans that inflicts 95% miss chance for a few seconds).

Note: When you tap a movement button twice quickly in combat, you'll make a little jump in that direction. If you do this to left or right, you gain a 10% increase to your Immunity Chance for a few seconds. If you do this towards back, you gain a 25% increase to your Evade Chance for 1.5 seconds (if you time this right you can prevent yourself from getting a knockback). This has nothing to do with damage but it's a little trivia that might or might not save your life someday.
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Re: Cins Guides - Englisch

Postby Kant » Sat 10. Feb 2018, 21:58

How to Heal

Since old links and google aren't working at all, I can't find the basics of healing guide thingy from old forums. So here I'll write the most basic things about PvE healing for new players. I'm also very bad as a healer so hopefully people who actually know what they're talking about will add more. Or maybe find that old guide.
First thing a newcomer to AoC must know is that healing is not done by waiting around casting heal spell after heal spell while watching healthbars. You must be dealing damage in addition to healing, because 1) damage and healing buffs each other and 2) endgame starts requiring a lot of damage from everyone in a group. You're not a mere healbot.

A healbot is a failbot.

Most Basic Stuff:
There's 3 types of heals. The green, the blue and the big. Their names depend on the class, but this is the actual heal classification.

Green and blue are named because of the circles that appear at players' feet. The circles get smaller and smaller until they disappear, this gives you a good visual idea about which players will need your spells soon, without needing to look at icon timers. These two are heal over time effects and are for keeping the health high. You must have both of these running at all times, this is your primary job.

Spamming is bad because recasting blues and greens only reapplies the duration and wastes mana and time. Big heal is a single heal that's a lot bigger than the others.

Green heal will effect whole group when you cast it. Green heal has no tricks about it and it lasts a long time, just refresh it occasionally. Casting green heal when it's not about to expire is pointless.
One player can have 2 green heals from different players at the same time, some nonhealer classes get green heals too.

Blue heal is a cone that hits people who're in front of you and starts healing them in "ticks". This is the reason why healer always stands at the back. This is your most important heal. Blue heal is what allows everyone to survive. Blues will heal double on first tick and every 15s afterwards, assuming you keep using it. You can actually spam this but only for secondary effects: blue heal gives bear bonus melee damage and pom/tos can hurt enemies with blue if feated for it; it'll never heal more. Too much blue spam can drain your mana.
One player can have just one blue heal at a time, another healer's blue heal will override yours.

The big heal is a big instant heal that heals all allies near you. It has 30 seconds cooldown but it puts a 1 minute debuff on everyone healed. This debuff will block all big heals of same priest class (including yourself) so it's completely wasted on spamming. You must learn the debuff icons of big heals so you don't waste them. Pom debuff is bright yellow, tos debuff is green and bear debuff is darker yellow. Watch these debuffs so you never waste your big heal.

Important thing about big heal is that it isn't actually all that big for a tank. There's far too many bosses who do more damage than a big heal in a single hit. A big heal won't save a tank who's gonna die in a few seconds, it must be used when tank health starts going down. If there's more than one healer, you should rotate your big heals so everyone gets two/three bigs every minute.
Your own heals are half as strong. If you're accustomed to seeing green 100s flying above your head when going around solo, you'll be seeing green 200s flying above your group.
Using all heals correctly takes only a small fraction of your time. If you think you're a healbot, you'll be standing around like an idiot for more than half of the battle. Again: A healbot is a failbot.
Also healing is preventative. Healer keeps the health high, no healer can heal enough to bring a dying tank back to full. Because majority of the healing is hots and should be always running anyway and a big heal is just a spit in the bucket for tanks.
On the other hand, a number of pve battles will occasionally hit the whole group every x seconds (these are what might be called "idiot checks" to winnow the dps players who draw agro) so big heals are vital and must be timed to keep the rest of the group alive in those cases.
So the basics of healing in AoC is:
1) Keep your hots (heal over time) up
2) Use your bigs correctly
3) Use your remaining time to bash (or maybe explode) heads

I didn't mention AA healing because I have no clue. Alternate advancement is something that happens after 80 so new players don't really need to concern themselves with it. But it brings a lot more healing so it's very important.

Someone should probably fix that and I'll edit this post. Or make a seperate AA heal guide.

edit: After writing all this, I find the old heal guide when looking for something else. How awesome:

more edit: Mythbust by Macduff and blue heal stuff added in.
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Re: Cins Guides - Englisch

Postby Kant » Sat 10. Feb 2018, 21:59

Class Struggle in Hyboria - What class should I play

Here's a very basic outline of classes. This stuff will probably be useful for very new players who don't know what classes do.

AoC has 12 classes divided into 4 archetypes. These archetypes are soldier, rogue, healer and mage.
(note: when I say "sword" in descriptions below, it means any weapon used with one hand that's not a dagger)


Guardian: The mighty warrior. Guardian is the classical tank class. Guardian can wear all armors (but should just wear fullplate) and uses either a spear or sword+shield. Guardians don't do a lot of damage but they're the toughest guys around. They have the most agro tools, highest defense, a lot of health and (if you're in frenzy stance and using a spear) unexpectedly high damage. They're always tanks and they tank equally well with either weapon.
An important thing to note is that they're not the best tanks. All soldiers are equal for tanking.

Conqueror: A barbarian who put on some armor and learned a few things. Conqueror can wear all armors and either uses one huge sword in fullplate (as a tank) or uses two swords in heavy armor (as a dps). Unlike guardian (who'll always be a tank no matter what) a conqueror can be a dps, an offtank or a real tank. Conquerors have a lot of nifty abilities that support their groups, deal huge amounts of damage if specced for dps, take a lot of punishment if specced for tank, have the greatest flexibility, can be any mixture of tank and dps with proper feats and can resurrect dead players by screaming at them.

Dark Templar: An evil warrior who sold his soul in exchange for dark powers and can cast some spells (unlike other soldiers). Dark Templar can wear all armors (fullplate is for tanking, heavy armor is for melee damage, light armor is for magic damage) and uses either sword+shield (tanking) or sword+talisman (dps). Like conquerors, Dark Templars can be dps or tank or something in between. They drain health, stamina and mana from enemies with their attacks, deal insane amounts of damage (and possibly draw agro and die) if specced for dps, deal insane amounts of damage and summon a zombie monster thing that can tank if specced for tanking and are just as flexible as conquerors.
You might have noticed that I repeated insane amount of damage for both specs, it's true. Once he has enough good items and AAxp (something that happens after 80), Dark Templar will do very high damage forever.


Assasin: Exactly what it says on the label. Assasins wear cloth armor and use two daggers. They're very very fragile but deal extremely high damage right from the start (their extremely high damage gets even higher later on). They have a tendency to die a lot. They have a unique resource called Soul Shards that fuel and empower their combos. They (along with all rogues) can also use stealth to turn invisible but sadly stealth isn't particularly useful in this game.

Barbarian: An uncouth savage who prefers to solve problems by hitting them until they fall. Barbarian is the classical melee dps class. They wear light armor and use either one huge sword or two swords. Despite all the parallels to conqueror, barbarian is not a tank, nor an offtank. They have high damage and pretty good survivability for a dps class. Sadly, they're more or less the poor man's conqueror after the latest revamps. Conqueror is about equal to barbarian in damage and barbarian is made of paper compared to conqueror.
Also all of you newbies making Cimmerian barbarians, this is equal to making a jedi in a SW game and you should be ashamed for it. Plus Conan is a conqueror so you're doing it wrong anyway.

Ranger: The one and only archer. Ranger has a strange playstyle unlike anything else (victim of a poorly thought revamp). They wear medium armor and use bows or crossbows (they can also use swords, daggers and shields but there isn't much reason). They deal extremely high damage from range, are pretty average for survival, can detect all nearby players and mobs with tracking and can set traps that do various things.


Priest of Mitra: A standard holy priest of Aquilonia. PoM is the classical healer class. They wear light armor and can use swords, daggers, shields, talismans and staves; but they're spellcasters and their weapons are just for show (and stats). They're very good at supporting their group, can spec for a lot of control effects (stun, fear, knockback) or a lot of extra support, and can deal very high damage if you know how. On the downside, PoM will never have enough mana to use all those cool spells with impunity.
Just like guardian isn't the best tank, PoM is also not the best healer. All healers are equal.

Tempest of Set: A sinister priest of Stygia. They wear light armor and can use swords, daggers, shields, talismans, staves and spears, but they're spellcasters and their weapons are just for show (and stats). ToS is a hybrid of a dps and a healer, they deal huge amounts of damage to their surroundings, can put down totems that do all sorts of things and will never have the slightest of mana problems (unlike pom). On the downside, they have low defense and health (their healing gives them a survival boost assasins don't have but ToS draws too much attention because of his huge dps and dies just as easy as them if not careful).

Bear Shaman: A badass shaman from Cimmeria. They wear medium armor and use giant hammers. The giant hammers aren't for show, Bear Shaman is the only healer who isn't a spellcasting weakling. They're pretty much the best support class, have high survivability (much more than other healers) and will never run out of mana or stamina. Their only downside compared to other healers is their low damage and melee range.
They can also summon bears (pandas for Khitan characters) that heal whole party after 80, which might be the biggest plus.


Demonologist: A bog standard mage. Demos wear cloth armor and can use daggers, talismans and staves, but they're spellcasters and their weapons are just for show (and stats). This is your cliche fireball and lightning bolt mage dps you've seen a million times elsewhere. They deal extremely high damage to large areas at long range, are good at both single target and area damage, have very low defense and health and can summon various naked demon chicks (or dudes) that do things for them (gameplay things, not erp things).
Protip: demo is the lamest class, don't play demo

Necromancer: A mage who has a strange obsession with death. Necros wear cloth armor and can use daggers, talismans and staves, but they're spellcasters and their weapons are just for show (and stats). They're a mage dps class who can raise an army of undead abominations and throw spells while their pets do the real work as they prance about the woods (this is called kiting). Necros deal very high damage at range, their single target damage is on par with assasin (thanks to their pets), are good at area damage too but have very low defense and health.
After 80 they'll permenantly become undead clowns (with a menagerie of various undead things), virtually turning into a one man travelling zombie circus. This might be a plus or a minus, depending on your tastes.

Herald of Xotli: An evil mage who traded his soul for magical power to Xotli, some sort of eldritch abomination from beyond space and time. HoX wears cloth armor and uses a giant sword. The giant swords aren't for show, Herald of Xotli is the only mage who isn't a spellcasting weakling. HoXes are swordsmen who can breathe fire and transform into a demonic monster with an aura of flames. They deal very high damage to everything nearby, are pretty good at messing with enemies (got a lot of interrupts and stuns) and are pretty high on health and defense for a dps (much higher than other mages) but their survivability is lower than other mages despite their stats because of melee range, they don't deal as much damage as demo or necro and their ranged capabilities are nonexistant.
Also after 80, hoxes can stand back up after dying over and over to die more. Survival is for weaklings.
Protip: hox is the best class and you should play a hox.

This is intended to be an intro for new players who just started playing. But since I haven't actually played every class myself and relying only on my general knowledge, this writeup is open to firsthand opinions.

BREAKING NEWS: here's a video made of awesomeness produced by henryabccba that briefly showcases all classes.
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Re: Cins Guides - Englisch

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Dungeons and Godslayers

Here I’ll try to explain exactly what happens in Khitai dungeons. My aim is to only state what happens during boss battles and let players come up with their own tactics and strategies. And maybe give a few tips here and there. The sources I’ve looked at for this is too long to bother listing (but it’s mainly youtube videos).

My secondary aim is to explain game’s logic behind all this stuff, usually using whatever clues are in game, adding some imagination and finally making random **** up as I go to fill in whatever holes are left. Because batshit insane game logic is an awesome thing and must be treasured.

So if you see something missing, say so. Any spells/abilities I missed or glossed over as unimportant, any buff/debuff names that might let me make up more crap about weird game logic or any mistakes I've made, point them out.

Also a special note for soldier players of all types: Every boss without any ranged powers can be tanked with great ease. If a couple of assasins can pull this off, you have no excuse to fail at tanking melee enemies as a soldier.


Kang Pagoda

Must have 2 tanks and Tainted Weapons is also nice (but not strictly necessary) for hardmode.

This is basically two rooms, upstairs and downstairs. Downstairs has 4 useless guards, upstairs has the boss Po-Sha and his 3 flunkies in front of him. These are Animal Handler, Harem Master and Provisioner.

There’s three items you can find downstairs: meat, gem and potatoes. Then you can use these items on three things: tiger, girl and pot. Each one of these will pull one caster from upstairs. Hardmode trigger is not pulling any of them.

Po-Sha’s normal attack is a poisonous Crave (probably symbolizing his endless greed). Other than that, he does two things of note:
Mental Assault on the two players furthest away from him (being fat makes your mind strong, just ask Jabba the Hutt). This blue debuff will start draining your mana every time you take any damage. Anyone who has no mana such as a rogue or a caster who ran out takes a bunch of unholy damage (any caster should be able to shrug it off with ease, usually only a ranger would be at risk).
Spew in a very wide cone centered on his target. Po-Sha has some serious health issues so (the huge amounts of) vomit he produces is poisonous and deadly, don’t stand in it. Spew will stay for a long time and he will never move from his spot (which should be obvious), forcing you to slowly rotate around him as the room fills with vomit. It’ll eventually disappear so you’re (hopefully) not gonna be drowning in acidic vomit.

Po-Sha is going to die at 10% (Spew will not disappear when he dies so everyone should move to a clean spot). Not because he’s a fat guy whose heart couldn’t take the excitement of battle, but because he’s a fat guy possessed by a hunger demon (or some such thing) that decides it’s time to go Aliens on this fatass. So despite what the scene looks like, Po-Sha is not giving birth to a giant red monster.

Ravenous Fiend usually just hits the tank with its claws. It also slowly builds up a buff called Hunger that increases its damage 10% per stack. Killing it before its damage rises too much is a good idea. This also stuns its target for a few seconds, usually causing a dps who didn't stop with the tank to draw agro while tank can’t attack so it’s pretty dangerous.

The real difficulty of Kang Pagoda HM is dealing with the 3 casters. Also Provisioner will be healing everyone so TW is good but not mandatory if your group has high damage (other two are just muppets who shoot fire). Usually you’ll know in about 10 seconds from the pull whether a Pagoda HM will succeed or not by looking at the positions of 3 stooges.

Reliquary of Flame

Must have rogue with Finely Honed for hardmode.

Reliquary is also basically 2 rooms, inside and outside. There’s a dying monk at entrance, talk to him to get a Flint. Inner room has 4 bookshelves that you can break. Breaking each one will drop 3 Warmonk Scrolls on the ground and two elite monks (who’re probably the monastery’s librarians) will come from the side doors to investigate. A reckless mage can break all bookshelves at once with hilarious results.

Outer room has more interesting stuff: a firepit in the middle, 4 big statues with platforms behind them and 3 sacks of sand at outer walls. You want to fight Heiromonk Zhu La and since his crazy ancient Khitan training techniques somehow turned him partly into a fire spirit, you’re gonna need fire to make him come out. This is done by putting 6 scrolls from the other room onto the firepit and lighting them up with the Flint, which starts the fight. First a bunch of apprentice monks come from the doors. Then two sacrists come. And finally the abbot comes. If you leave them be, they’ll go to sand bags, grab some sand, go to fire and put it out so Zhu La doesn’t come (I’m uncertain if they object to you burning their holy scrolls or you disturbing the crazy fire monk). The abbot will drop Sacred Oil, picking it up and using it on the fire before Zhu La appears will trigger the hardmode (I suspect half fire spirit Zhu La suddenly becomes stronger because oil makes the fire burn hotter [or maybe it’s just magic oil]).

Heiromonk Zhu La will appear at the bonfire soon after abbot is down. He does a lot of fire related things in addition to hitting the tank with his staff:
Sizzling Aura is the most important thing that you should never see. If anyone is not in melee range of him, he’ll throw this on them. If you get this, it’ll make everyone you stand near burn horribly and die in a few seconds. Therefore do not get this.
Fire Frenzy (hits everyone for fire damage), Burning Sweep (hits everyone in front for some fire damage and interrupts all castings) and Strong Will (buffs his damage) are other regular stuff he does. None of them are particularly important.
Burn Skin is the main difference between normal and hard modes. In normal mode it does nothing (some kind of undefined but pointless effect on everyone nearby). In hardmode it’s Sizzling Aura on himself so everyone burns and dies horribly in a few seconds. Rogue must use FH as soon as he finishes casting it (if you use FH before he finishes casting, he’ll just cast it again and everyone dies horribly). Important thing is after the first Burn Skin, second one comes 40 seconds later, third one comes 39 seconds later, forth one comes 38 seconds later and on and on. And since FH has a 40s cooldown, your group must have very good damage to beat him up fast enough (or a second rogue with FH if your swords aren’t big enough) to prevent everyone dying because FH was on cooldown for one second too long.

At 75, 50 and 25% Zhu La will run to the fire and do Fiery Torque (he's probably invoking the powers of gods and/or demons of fire and they respond because he's partly a fire spirit or he's just angry enough to set fire to whole courtyard with his mind). When it’s finished, whole courtyard will fire up and anyone standing on ground will be cooked instantly. You must get on the platforms behind one of those 4 big statues to survive. After the spell ends, the ground will keep glowing orange with heat for a few more seconds and stepping on stones will be harmful. Now Zhu La’s Fireshield will burn anyone who damages him horribly (burning horribly is a theme in this place called Reliquary of Flame). Throwing sand on the bonfire will weaken the fire and smothering the flames with enough sand will make bonfire not protect him anymore (all this is pretty logical once you accept the existence of fire spirits and monks being able to partly transform into one if they train hard enough). Those sand bags are only usable when this happens (the idea of throwing sand onto fire to weaken him doesn't seem to occur to you for some reason until Fiery Torque happens) and using one will put a yellow buff and a particle effect on you, indicating that you have some sand (sand is probably also mystical to cause all this yellow glowing). Zhu La can apparently see this yellow glow too and he won't like what you're trying to do, which means his agro will lock onto whoever used a sandbag most recently. Using 3 sands (5 for HM) on the fire will remove his shield (his spiritual connection to fire is disrupted or something else similarly mystical happened) so now you can hit him again without burning horribly. This also raises Burn Skin cooldown back to 40s in HM, which is important.

In HM, Zhu La becomes dramatically stronger, requiring much better gear from tank(s).

Vortex of the Storm

Must have two tanks and main tank must have Resolve for hardmode.

Vortex is just one room but is full of interesting things: the boss with the weirdest name ever Air and Water, his two apprentices (also called Air and Water but seperately), a rectangular pool of water surrounded by rectangular tiers, a circular pool of deep water at the back and a ledge very high above that pool you wouldn’t have noticed if you weren’t told about it.

Air and Water is also the friendliest boss ever, he’s calmly sitting there and won’t hurt you if you approach to give him a hug (or to spam /bycrom). We’re here to only spar with him after all (though he’ll still kill you), he just wants to see if you got what it takes to take on Balbet Zhun next door. He’ll only fight back when you hit him. As it’s just a friendly spar, there are rules (disobeying is punishable by death but it’s still a friendly spar). You must stay in the large rectangular area (you’ll be afflicted by Static Build Up that'll hit you for 20% holy damage every second if you’re outside) and you must not stand in the pool of water in the middle (which hurts because of Torrent that'll hit you for 10% cold damage every second and will start rising once the friendly spar begins). There will be tornados surrounding the arena and some will randomly move around and they’ll snare and damage you a bit (vortex used to be the scariest place in all Khitai before these tornados got nerfed to hell and back). The hardmode is triggered by telling the adepts you want to be challenged (they’ll do nothing in normal mode). If you say that to Air, there’ll be more tornados. If you say that to Water, water will rise faster. Either way, both of them will turn attackable and start to walk toward their master and stand next to him (if you let them, it’s possible to start the fight before they reach where they’re going).

Air and Water always starts by casting Static Build Up and Torrent to enforce his rules, then mainly kicks the tank (sometimes with a Sweep) and lets room’s hazards do their work. He himself does 3 things of note:
Eruption will knockback everyone whereever they might be at that moment (except heavily armored people). It’s a good idea to never stand anywhere that'll get you knocked into the water or outside the arena.
Typhoon will create a blue tornado on top of a random player. This will snare you (-50% speed) and not getting out of it very quickly will teleport you to that ledge high above the circular pool at the back and stun you for a few seconds (I'm %100 sure this is what typhoon actually does, minus the sound bite, but FC couldn’t animate it and settled with the teleport thing). Afterwards, you have to fall down and not miss the pool (ledge also counts as outside the arena and staying there kills you). This is done by turning on walk mode or moving as slow as possible, failure will spread your brains all over the floor (it’ll be filed under training accident). If for some reason you're alone (such as to steal the thingy for Shadows of Jade), Typhoon will dissipate harmlessly and he won't cast it again. Managing to land into circular pool will give you a buff that’ll protect you long enough to let you run back inside the arena. Your mitigations will also be lowered 10% for the rest of this exercise because of Aerial Impact (probably you're confused and disoriented because of getting thrown around by winds). Unless you’re a soldier, soldiers in defensive stance are immune to Typhoon (clearly all that metal armor is too heavy).
The last thing of importance he does is Lighter than Air and it’s only important in HM. This is a cone that hits everyone in a large cone and inflicts a wrack debuff on HM. It must be removed with Resolve because not only it’s a wrack that’ll mess you up, it makes soldiers in defensive stance no longer immune to Typhoon. It’s pretty obvious what’d happen if tank was suddenly teleported away (clearly he knows incredible ancient warmonk weight loss techniques and would make a fortune if he ever started up a fitness center instead of using his tricks for random crap like this).

The apprentices are both casters and they hit pretty hard in HM, also they’re invincible (despite being mere adepts). A second tank in HM is necessary to kite them but they're vulnerable to every control effect. Air and Water also kicks pretty hard but he’s nowhere as dangerous as his two neighbors. All the various hazards combined make Vortex a pretty action oriented place.

The friendly spar ends when Air and Water is at 10%.

Coppice of the Heart

Must have Tainted Weapons and Unbinding Charm for hardmode.

This is also two rooms, outer and inner. Outer room has a bunch of monks. Between the two rooms is pair of walls (made of flesh, called membranes). The second membrane has a hole on the side that you can pass without breaking it. Not breaking the second triggers the hardmode (since Balbet Zhun is some kind of heart themed demon with some sort of vague connection to the monastery itself, there’s probably some mystical resonance or some such mumbojumbo that causes him to become weak if both membranes of the innermost room, “the heart of monastery” so to speak, is punctured).

The inner room has a lot of interesting stuff. Most important is the circular arena, half of which is surrounded by a pit (that you can fall in to die). Walking into the arena brings out the boss, jumping over the pit to get into the arena doesn’t. This arena is surrounded by 6 stone veins (currently inactive). Then there’s 3 huge stone arteries on the entrance side of the pit (also inactive). The altar (and the cup on it) at the far end of the room are useless far as anyone knows.

Balbet Zhun will appear from there and walk to the middle of the arena and sweep his arm (the universal gesture of come at me bro). Only then battle starts. As can be expected, a visible red barrier (possibly made of blood drops) will surround the arena and being outside (or even too near to edges) will infect you with Bloodswarm (that'll hit for 11% physical damage every second).

Balbet Zhun can do a bunch of mystical things in addition to clobbering the tank (cos he’s a blood demon trapped in a warmonk’s body):
Pulse (hits everyone and drains stamina) and Cleave (hits the tank) are the unimportant things he randomly does.
Blood Void is the most important thing he does and it creates a circle full of some black boiling liquid thing on the player farthest away from him (I suspect it’s corruptive demonic blood or something but it might just be how blood demons poo in hell). This pool of black is permenant and will quickly kill anyone standing in it with unholy damage. The point of this battle is to beat him before whole arena is full of boiling black (and everyone drowns in demon poo).
Deadweight is something he throws on a random player. This is a heavy snare in normal mode but becomes a root in hardmode (can be removed by UC). Conventional HM methods always involve a mage standing at edge of arena that moves along as Blood Void appears who can free himself if targeted by Deadweight because getting rooted inside Blood Void ends with a predictable result (this is easily averted in NM by sidestepping).
In addition to all these, Balbet Zhun will heal himself in HM. He doesn’t do anything visible for this, your only indication that he’s started healing is the green heal buff that appears on him. This will heal him greatly and must be removed with TW so the rogue must be very good at this (not removing his healing will eventually result in everyone drowning in unholy crap). He also has a lot of lifetaps thanks to his Vampiric Mist buff, (80% in HM, since healthbar is red like blood, this is a perfectly logical ability for a blood demon).

When he’s down to 75/50/25%, something new will happen. The 6 stone veins surrounding the arena and one of the giant arteries on the other side of the pit will activate and start pulsing with red-black energies, meaning the demon is now doing incomprehensibly mystical things related to power of blood and heart to protect and heal himself (Balbet Zhun might actually be that kid from Captain Planet instead of some random blood demon). All black poo will disappear, he’ll get a shield (probably also made of blood) that’ll cause all attacks to heal him and also starts healing by himself. Everyone also gets a 6 stack debuff called Arrest (caused by the now active veins) that lowers your damage (%50 at full stacks) and drains a lot of health, mana and stamina. Damaging a vein down to about 20% will make them deactivate and become invincible again, removing one stack of drain debuff. Caution: Veins have an annoying tendency to bug out and cause Arrest to become permenant if you drop them down to 0% before they can deactivate, so don’t do that. Damaging the artery down to about 25% will make it explode, which will break Balbet Zhun’s blood shield (the logic behind this event should be clear to all by now). This part must be done quickly because Balbet Zhun will be healing constantly (also every time his blood shield goes down, he’ll lose a little bit of his human visage, this is a nifty little detail that serves no purpose).

This is by far the hardest boss of monastery (no wonder Air and Water didn’t have the balls to come here to fight him, he’d get pwned every time even in his fancy room). In HM Balbet Zhun becomes really powerful, requiring a great tank and healer (or two decent tanks and healers), plus group must have pretty great damage to succeed. Even NM is noticably harder than others (but doesn’t have the same huge damage requirement).

Pillars of Heaven

Must have 2 tanks.

This is a real dungeon (unlike most other Khitai “dungeons” that consist of 2 rooms plus maybe a corridor). There’s a lot of Wolves of the Steppes and 4 bosses inside (killing them doesn’t affect your Wolves/Hyrkanian faction standing), and there’s even a couple of (easy) door puzzles. The bosses you’ll see are Ming the Knife (and her doggie), Brass Mask (and his drinking buddies), I-po the Master of Bats (and his loyal subjects) and Bhangi Khan (and his bandit army). I’ll ignore the large number of losers and the two boring puzzles that you can figure out pretty easily between the bosses and only explain the bosses.

Ming the Knife is a piece of wood (despite being a failure on every level imaginable, she's even mentioned on official site and we learn that failure runs in her family). This battle happens in two “rooms”, the wolf pen and the small courtyard outside of it. She does nothing whatsoever as you take her for a walk and put her out of her misery. All difficulty comes from Alpha Male wolf boss (who'll inflict a snare that stacks to 10 with every hit, making it pretty much impossible to move away once it's on top of you) and its pack. All interesting stuff nearby is for them. There’s 4 wolf pens inside the room that’ll release two elite wolves each. There are 4 bear traps inside, near doors of wolf pens that you can use (they’ll be put down automatically in front of pen doors) and if Alpha Wolf walks over a trap, it gets stuck for a long time. There’s also a fenced area with a mountain of meat outside (going inside the fence will silence you and drain your stamina because the stink is that bad), apparently it’s the feeding place of wolves and any wolf drawn inside the fence will ignore everything to munch on the corpses. There’s also a bush nearby where you can get some berries that are apparently lethally poisonous for wolves (clearly Ming the Knife has no idea how to care for a pet properly). I’m sure you can figure out what needs to be done from this info.

Brass Mask is an archer you find in a courtyard (he has 3 buddies watching from above). There’s a few gunpowder kegs near the wall, these will explode and set fire to a large area around them. He has a few tricks aside from shooting the tank:
Fire Arrow (fire damage), Freezing Arrow (cold damage), Rapid Volley (hits everyone in a cone) and Heartpiercer (physical damage) are the random things he shoots at random (dude is like the Hyborian Green Arrow with all these trick shots).
Anklebite is a root he’ll throw on the tank. He’ll then run away from the tank, which is pretty smart for a boss, but he’s not that smart because he’ll always run straight away from the tank (this can be used to position him).
Sometimes he calls to his archer buddies upstairs (this is announced on the screen, like a quest update) who’ll then rain arrows onto the courtyard (he’ll also keep shooting the tank). Everyone must run under the small shelter in the corner to not get killed by arrows. When arrows are about to stop, Brass Mask starts doing Burning Arrow, this will set fire to the ground under the shelter so you should get out (but it’ll be gone before the next archer call).
When he’s down to 10%, he’ll get spooked and run upstairs to his archer buddies. The door that he goes through will bring out three more bandit archers for you to kill before you chase him. When you find him at his archer buddies' room, you'll find that he's now using a sword and has gained Focused Deflection which gives him +90 damage deflection (he's gotta be a master swordsman or something for this, I'm guessing he forgot his sword up here and had to fight with bow below otherwise he'd have kicked your ass or he had a magic bow that could shoot all sorts of crap and you broke it) and his archer buddies will be unresponsive for some reason. There’s 3 gunpowder urns here too and breaking them will (instead of setting fire to the place) stun Brass Mask and make him vulnerable again if he’s near.

I-po the Master of Bats is a caster (a necromancer if official word is to be believed) who has 4 pet bats. When you attack him, they’ll come to his aid and each one has an aura that helps him (%1 heal every 2 seconds, +%25 damage, +30 damage deflection and last bat gives healing debuff to your group). When any bat is down to about 30%, it’ll flee back to its tree to heal up and later return with full health (it’s also possible to kill them before they can flee). When a bat is back in its tree, its buff on I-po will disappear. He isn’t so tough without his pets and the only thing of note he does aside from spamming his electrical(!?) Sonic Missile (bet that's how he communicates with his subjects too) and Sonic Chill (dots everyone for tiny cold damage) is casting Dead Man Walking at 75/50/25% and summoning a mass of tiny bats. This spell will charm a few people and they’ll start walking towards the edge of roof like zombies. Beating them a bit will knock some sense back into them and cures the charm (alternately you can let them throw themselves off for entertainment value). Caution: this spell is known to toggle your walk mode on (default walk toggle key is backspace). He also throws some electric wracks and cold ruins, but they're not particularly important.

Bhangi Khan is the final boss of PoH and he has a hardmode. HM is not really hard far as HMs go, but it’s probably the longest bossfight in whole game. The room is circular with some curtain covered niches along the walls and there’s another obvious circle (or rather a hexagon) in the middle with 3 gongs around it. Resolve and Steadfast Faith help a tiny bit because there’ll be wracks and ruins but no perk is really needed for HM.
To start with, Bhangi Khan has 2 buddies: Tactician (melee) and Strategist (a pom who’ll heal himself and do area knockback). Killing one will make Bhangi start fighting.
Bhangi Khan has a few unimportant abilities he uses in addition to hitting the tank:
Wracking Swipe (a small dot and -%10 mitigation on everyone in front of him), Dulling Roar (a physical ruin that merely decreases damage and speed by %20 instead of killng everyone in a few seconds, a rarity in Khitai) and Hammer Throw (hits and stuns the player furthest away). None of them are worthy of notice.

What is worthy of notice is the three gongs around the circle area in the middle. After a while, he’ll run to one of the gongs and use it, this will alert his bandits. As a whole bunch of bandits come in from the doors (mixed melee, archer and caster bandits, also mixed normals and elites; elite archers are by far the most dangerous of the lot), he works himself up into a frenzy with Howling Fury (+200 damage deflection, +%300 damage, -%25 speed, he's showboating in front of his underlings). He grows bigger and slower, decides on a random player and tries to hit him for 20 seconds. Target should run away (anyone not a tank wouldn’t survive a second hit from an enraged Khan) until he changes his mind and decides on another player to chase. When he gets tired of chasing his second target, he’ll calm down and run back to main tank.
Also once he uses a gong, that gong becomes breakable (I'm guessing we can't decide break all 3 gongs as soon as we see him use one because we're dumb people, or there's some strange unexplained magic thing that protects virginal gongs). If left alone, Bhangi Khan will use the same gong over and over, summoning increasingly more bandits. If that gong is destroyed, he’ll use another one to alert his flunkies. But once last gong is broken and last bandit is dead, he’s on his own.

When he’s down to 25%, he’ll beg for his life and sit down. Not doing any more damage to him counts as accepting his surrender, which triggers the hardmode and he gets up and goes to the curtained niche directly across the entrance. But if anyone deals damage once he tries to surrender, he’ll get up to fight until he dies and HM won’t trigger (this might be a bit finicky so usually everyone except tank stops attacking near 30% to trigger it).

Once he goes behind the curtain, crazy **** starts happening as all curtains break down in a pink explosion of Godslayer trigger and Bhangi Khan reveals himself to be a werewolf (we have zombies, vampires, ninjas, pirates and aliens in this game, why not werewolves too?). He turns into a big black wolf and attacks. Wolf Bhangi Khan is stronger (much more than human Bhangi Khan) and has actually important abilities:
Hardened Hair makes him reflect physical damage back to attackers. This is very dangerous (this is what a werewolf calls a bad hair day). It makes a blue buff icon on him
Shimmering Hair makes him reflect magical damage back to attackers. This is also very dangerous but for different people (unless you're a hox or templar in which case he has you coming and going). He starts glowing bluish gray with this one. Bhangi's both hair problems have the same blue buff icon so you can tell when he’s reflecting damage (if his fur is dark it’s physical, if light it’s magical).
Shielding Hair isn’t really important, creates a big pinkish protective rune thingy around him (possibly gives him some bit of extra defense) and is mainly there to make you misread it as Shimmering Hair.

Once he’s down to 80% he’ll run away again and hide in one of the niches around the room and a spirit wolf will come from every niche (they’re not elite and easily killed). Then more crazy **** happens as one wolf Bhangi Khan comes out of every niche (turns out Bhangi Khan isn't just a Hyrkanian werewolf bandit lord, he's an illusionist Hyrkanian werewolf bandit lord). They all start running around the circle arena in the center for a while, then they’ll turn and run around the other way for a while (while this looks more like something a pack of vultures instead of wolves would do, it’s perfectly natural behaviour for illusionist werewolves). Eventually all of the circling Bhangi Khans (who’re all identical looking) attack. The important thing here (aside from not panicking and dying) is to have followed the wolf that came out of the niche that the original Bhangi Khan ran into and then deal 2% (or possibly more) damage to that wolf before it howls menacingly. During all this one werewolf vulture pack impersonation trick, moving outside of the central hexagon will kill you (presumably Bhangi practiced a lot for this routine and you damn audience better not mess it up).
Ravaging Howl will send your group running and also dispel the illusionary Bhangi Khans. If real Khan was damaged enough, all other wolves will disappear. Otherwise, one of the illusions will stay and you’ll have to kill it. The fake Bhangi Khan has as much health as the real one but doesn’t do any hair stuff and deals very much less damage.
The same illusion cycle will repeat at 60/40/20%.

Though it lasts very long, Bhangi Khan is a very easy hardmode; none of the perks are needed, two tanks with bad gear who know how to swap agro is good enough and even very low group damage will still be enough to eventually win. PoH just takes extremely long, is full of bandits that must be killed and has a lot of tiny details that should be remembered. All of these combined does make it one of the harder dungeons to complete.

Palace of Yun Rau

Must have 2 tanks and Finely Honed. Must have Tainted Weapons for hardmode. Steadfast Faith is nice but not strictly necessary.

Another two room “dungeon”, Palace is just a courtyard and a throne room. There’s 4 losers between the entrance and the boss Warlord Yun Rau. The courtyard also has 6 teacup shaped statues that’ll be important.

The teacup statues will occasionally start burning up their surroundings and you should stay away from such fires. Yun Rau does weird magical things in addition to hacking at the tank with his sword (he probably learned magic tricks from his Scholars of Cheng-ho buddies to impress girls at taverns):
Unholy Essence is aimed at the player furthest away and creates a large purple blot that hurts people on the ground. This blot is permanent.
Yun Fire is a pretty long spell that’ll kill everyone in his line of sight. Strangely, despite them being so low, he can’t see past those teacups (I believe if glasses had been invented he'd be more effective with this).
Deafening Warcry (tickles everyone) and Frost Cleave (hits the tank with some cold damage) are stuff he does when he gets bored of swinging his sword and are unimportant.

When he dies, the doors of his throne room opens and his personal healer Kwai La the Scholar appears and resurrects him (Tamarin tells you he cheats like this if you're one of his flunkies). Then they both go inside to wait for you (Kwai La should’ve kept hiding inside and resurrecting Yun Rau when he dies, mobs are not good at strategy, or she's just a bad healer who can only res once). The throne room is shaped like an inverted T from entrance, Yun Rau is straight across and Kwai La is hiding behind one of the pillars on the sides. Also there’s 4 braziers (2 up near Yun Rau and 2 down in front of pillars) that’ll start pulsing just like teacups outside. Yun Rau starts with a buff on him called Taint of the Scholars (possibly signifying how he twisted a harmless bunch of romantic astronomers into an army of murderous wankers but how that translates into a retributive shield is a mystery) that reflects a lot of damage back to attackers, a FH at start is needed to remove it. Hardmode triggers if Yun Rau’s health goes down to 90% while his healer is still alive.

She just casts Ice Shards or Ice Blast (applies an elemental torment) at her target over and over and sometimes throws a Lesser Regeneration at Yun Rau, creating a green heal buff on him that must be removed with TW (she also gets a Blind Devotion buff on HM trigger that'll instantly heal her for 40% and then keep healing in small ticks and halves all damage she takes, but it's not a particularly dangerous thing). But Yun Rau (now realizing that things are getting serious) starts busting out the moves:
Terrifying Roar hits everyone for some moderately high unholy damage (probably with the terribleness of his voice, he'd destroy you all easily if he just sang instead).
Shadow Smash is the single most hilariously insignificant debuff in whole game with its whopping -0.3% incoming heal (I think he hadn't yet mastered this trick before you busted in, that's the only possible explanation for such a worthless ability).
Netherfrost is an elemental ruin on a random player. This can be removed either by a healer’s SF or by walking into one of the brazier fires for a second or two.
Frostbreaker will hit everyone for negligible damage except the netherfrosted player, who’ll be taking very heavy damage (not instantly fatal but close). If the healer can’t or doesn’t remove Netherfrost, you should probably remove it yourself.
Frost Whip is a cone that’ll be hitting everyone in front of Yun Rau for a lot of cold damage (probably fatal for nontanks) but it can easily be evaded by moving to the side.

There are various strategies to deal with the healer on HM (you must kill her to do normal) but they all involve an offtank. Killing her isn’t required, she’ll stop fighting and starts cowering when Yun Rau dies (you can still kill her if you want though).

Jade Dugout

Must have lots of damage, fully functional brain in every player’s skull, voice communication and big balls for hardmode. But not perks, arguably the hardest of all HMs requires no stupid gimmicks.

This place consists of some guard infested tunnels leading to a very big room with miner slaves and their guards in it. The guards at the big room are all named Slave Guards, while guards outside are just Guards. Both guard types tend to stand in twos and can randomly be casters or melee. There’s some very important stuff in the room aside from the slave guards, namely 13 gunpowder barrels scattered around. Using these will ignite them and they’ll explode a few seconds afterwards, dealing huge amounts of damage to everything nearby. There’s also crates around there (some are in the tunnels) that contain Black Powder Bombs. They are also very important and it’s recommended that everyone takes one. The bomb is a vitally important item that you can throw at an enemy 5-15 meters away from you (it won’t work if not in range) to stun every enemy nearby for 7 seconds and you can use it again after 45 seconds. (this is a unique item, which means if you take it and then forget it in your bank, you won’t be able to get another)

The guy you’re here to kill is Overseer Lao-Che and you’ll have to talk to the slaves in big room to find him. There’s 5 slaves and when you tell them that you’re here to kill Lao-Che, 2 of them will run away, 2 of them will attack you (because they like being bitches), and one will turn out to be Lao-Che in disguise who’ll reveal himself by growing larger and sprouting a long beard and some awesome tatoos in a puff of smoke (from all the smoke bombs and vanishing acts, I like to think he was a ninja before he retired for a cushy slavedriving job with Scarlet Circle, but he seems too young to be retired), untalked to slaves run away when you find him. The hardmode trigger is to not kill any of the Slave Guards until you find him first (despite what it looks like, it’s possible to reach every slave without pulling any of the slave guards since their sight range is much lower than normal enemies, because of being cooped up in a dark mine since forever).

Overseer Lao-Che has a pick that he’ll hit the tank with and has noteworthy but not terribly impressive abilities:
Valiant Strike will hit everyone around him for pretty high damage and knock them all back.
Black Powder Bomb will be thrown at the player furthest away from him for some big damage and a stun (two can play that game).
Trembling Rocks will start raining rocks from the ceiling in a small area and standing under them causes your toon to cower, which is bad (also rocks falling on your head hurts). He does this by suddenly running up to a random player and pointing to the ceiling above their head (this might be a natural event that was gonna happen anyway and he’s actually warning you since his job as overseer includes mine safety).
He’ll also enrage if you take too long (it’s possible to kill him anyway if you’ve got him down to last few % and spam your bombs to lock him down but he’ll be killing anyone he hits then).

Something different will happen at 75/50/25% and he’ll disappear in a puff of smoke, then 5 more slaves will run into the room and stand where other slaves used to be. Again one of them is Lao-Che in disguise and you must find him quickly because he’ll be healing (extremely fast in HM) until found.
Another important thing is that on 25%, two more slave guards will come in with slaves.

What is terribly impressive about Lao-Che is the amount of health he has: He has terribly many hit points. So much that it’s more or less impossible to kill him straight before he enrages. Luckily, this is what bombs and barrels are for: a barrel explosion takes off 8% of his health and there’s 13 barrels (slave guards lose like 80% of their health if caught in a blast).

A room full of mixed elite guards is what makes Dugout the hardest HM, the biggest problem being the random caster/melee layout of slave guards (you'll just kill every guard at start and then kill Lao Che with just the barrels in about 2 minutes in normal mode). It takes some pretty heavy strategizing to maximize the effects of barrels and bombs to efficiently clear the room and any tactic you’ve seen elsewhere and memorized is likely to suddenly fail from the randomness of caster guards. Also communication and coordination (the puggers' only weakness) is the single most important thing. You’ll never manage this in a group of random players from global.

Den of the Crowmen

Must have two tanks with Resolve and Steadfast Faith for hardmode. However there’ll be a lot of crits flying around in both modes so this is the place where you’ll actually need that critigation stat.

This is a large cave full of crowmen that ends with a mostly circular area with a giant (attackable) egg in a giant nest. There’s also a number of other giant nests on the way, messing with these nests naturally cause more crowmen to flock to their defense. Most crowmen will be normal elites but a few from nests will be minions (progenies) and there’ll be a tiny chance to randomly spawn Consort of Kian Lai, an elite miniboss (who does weaker versions of the same things that real bosses do) who might drop the best weapon of the game. If you start the boss battle at the giant egg without disturbing all nests and killing all crowmen, they’ll all swoop down at once (a murder of crows!).

Obviously the way to bring in the crowqueen Kian Lai is to mess with her giant egg. When you get the egg down to 50, she’ll come down. Not destroying the egg will soon trigger hardmode as second boss Royal Hatchling will burst out (one would think that breaking her egg before her eyes would’ve enraged a mother bird and triggered a harsh response but Kian Lai don’t seem to give two twigs for her offspring so her offspring has to take offense for themselves). Moving too far from the vaguely circular egg area is very unhealthy after battle starts.

The things Kian Lai will do are almost always avoidable by running far enough, apart from critically pecking at the tank (and dealing poison damage since apparently she has poison glands on her claws):
Venomous Ruin spits a ruin on a random player and Venomous Peck puts a stacking dot on the tank, both of which are pretty unremarkable (aside from being coated claw to beak with this stuff, I'll bet even her feathers would be poisonous).
Claws of Kian Lai will put a nasty stacking physical wrack on the tank and should be removed with Resolve before it’s too late but this only happens in HM.
Wing Tornado will moderately hurt everyone nearby and knock them all back.
Once she gets down to 50%, she’ll suddenly fly up with a Sonic Screech (leaving behind poisonous cloud that'll destroy everyone within 10m [-25% speed, 40% damage every 4 seconds], what this seems to imply is not a screech) and be untouchable and a river of hatchlings will flow in from all the nests. They’ll keep coming in until 2 proper crowmen appears and some time after them Kian Lai will swoop down again. It might be a good idea to be somewhere where millions of minions can’t surround your group and eat the mages.
Screech followed by Debilitating Winds is something she remembers she could’ve done only after she gets half of her feathers plucked off. This combo will create a huge area of harmful vapors that drain mana and stamina (used to also be as murderous as Sonic Screech cloud but got nerfed the **** out of) and apply a ruin on everyone in HM (curable by SF). This used to be something you must run away from but not anymore.
Demon Bolt will start to hit everyone in front of her for some high unholy damage after 50% (probably she's been dabbling with demonology or something in her spare time to learn this sort of magic, it's not like there'd be a shortage of books on dark arts in a guy like Kun Whu's place).

Like mother like daughter (at least I’m assuming it’s a daughter), Royal Hatchling is very reminiscent of her mom:
Venomous Peck is as unimportant as her mom’s pecker.
Claws of Kian Lai wracks her tank exactly like her mom does (I wonder if she also has her mother's eyes).
Wing Tornado is where she differs from her mom, in that she does about twice as much damage with it (you thought wings of a small newborn hatchling would be weaker than a full adult? you thought wrong, how dumb must you be to think that!).
She’ll also suddenly fly away (and leave behind a very small cloud of poison), but that’ll happen when she’s got 10% left and she won’t come back before her momma is dead.

Abyss of Kun Whu

Unbinding Charm and Steadfast Faith are nice but not strictly necessary. Must have Tainted Weapons and Finely Honed for hardmode.

This is also just one room but it’s a very fancy room; with a high C shaped tier looking down to a low circular area, a sacrificial altar with 4 colored circles (red, black, green and blue) in front of it and 4 identical colored circles near the walls of lower circle and the final part beyond the altar glows with sickly green energies (this happens to be a gate to the underworld). Our man Kun Whu is standing in front of the altar and between you and him are 8 fiends of various colors (reds are sanguine and breathe fire, blues are phlegmatic and breathe cold, blacks are melancholic and shoot unholy, greens are choleric and shoot poison; not that any of this makes any difference) and two human guards are kneeling on the 2 red circles, all of these are elite.

When you get near the stairs going down, you’ll get a pretty cutscene where you witness Kun Whu sacrifice some unlucky peasant on the altar to summon a Sanguine Fiend from the underworld (all clues you need to solve the puzzle are here in this cutscene). Then he’ll notice your group is casually standing there and will sic his mooks on you. While a very long time ago this caused everybody to charge you at once, nowadays they’ll only come in twos (except that fiend from cutscene, they send him alone first cos he’s the noob). Fiends can hit everyone in front of them with various things and guards can also shoot fire in a cone, all of these are heavily damaging. Only after you kill all of his backup, Kun Whu finally decides to attack (he's bad at strategy).

Despite being advertised as the third greatest mage of Scarlet Circle, Kun Whu keeps hitting the tank with his huge sacrificial knife instead of casting spells (not that his spells are impressive):
Underworld Ruin will put a stacking spiritual ruin on the tank (removable with SF) but this is full of fail since Kun Whu deals physical damage (Kun Whu is bad at magic). This ruin is also a dot like most ruins but it’s a pathetic dot that can safely be ignored.
Death of Qian is a pretty long spell that doesn’t hit remotely as hard as its casting time suggests. It’s a big hit but doesn’t deserve running away from unless you’re low on health or have a huge stack of ruins for some reason (Kun Whu’s magics are not strong).
Enslaving Torment will charm a random player who’s not the tank (while this might cause some trouble in HM when rogue is charmed, it’s not a big concern). The only real danger is friendly fire and he also has a tendency to cast it on dread shadows or necro pets if they’re around (Kun Whu is bad at prioritizing). Using any sort of control effect on charmed player will make them stand still until charm wears off (if there’s no UC to clear it).
Pit of the Underworld will create a green circle of runes made of unholy fires where the tank stands. It doesn’t last very long but hurts quite a lot, therefore don’t stand in it (this is memorable as it’s Kun Whu’s only spell that’s any good).

He’ll finally get something right at 75/50/25% by running to his altar and activating his Shield of the Underworld to become invincible, this shield might be colored red, black, blue or green. He’ll then start periodically summoning fiends from the green infused part of room with Call Forth the Underworld (just one at 75, and pairs at 50 and 25) and he has no limit, he could flood the whole Chosain province with fiends if you don’t kill them as they appear (I sometimes pretend that’s exactly what happens if you wipe there and Kun Whu will actually go on to conquer the world with his legions of underworld but that’s just wishful thinking on my part, fiends probably turn on him and sacrifice him on his own altar once they’re done with you). But at this point things look grim for you. How are you getting out of this one?

!!!spoiler warning!!!
An observant player might notice at this point that the knife in that hapless peasant’s chest is now usable and that same player will, upon touching it, stab himself in the heart with it in a bout of inexplicable insanity. This will kill him (obviously) but he’ll wake up at the “underworld”, the place where these fiends are coming from, and get a 2 minute effect called Aura of the Underworld that'll kill him when it’s over, this time for good (probably the air is bad for human souls down there or something). This “underworld” is a weird path suspended in nothingness with a couple of Lesser Fiends on it (normal enemies and there’ll be more on next player’s trip) and ends with a large circle of white runes (falling into nothingness is also fatal).

If, by pure coincidence, there are 2 players in the real world who happen to be standing on the 2 circles which are the same color of Kun Whu’s shield at the moment the player in underworld reaches the white rune circle, they’ll have an inexplicable urge to kneel. If they do so, a new fiend (red, green, blue or black fiend depending on the color of circles knelt on; this also makes no difference at all but it’s a nifty thing) will be summoned but this one will be inhabited by the dead player’s soul (this sequence of events is perfectly logical once you get used to the idea of summoning fiends of the underworld by sacrificing people and damning human souls to the underworld, though it’s anyone’s guess how the players knew this was gonna happen if they’re not demonologists themselves). Player’s returning soul will be permanently imprisoned in the body of a fiend (or at least till battle ends) and their damage will be lowered by 20% [yes I know what actually happens in game is merely a visual model swap, didn't you read the start of this thread?]. But if the fiend player will then try to attack Kun Whu, it’ll be revealed that a smack from one color of fiend of the underworld can actually break through a same colored Shield of the Underworld!
Fiends can’t use the knife again or kneel on colored circles to summon more fiends (while I’d have liked to think this was a safety measure built into this ritual by Kun Whu to prevent an invasion by out of control fiends, that’d imply Kun Whu had a moment of competence for one time, and that’s silly).
!!!end spoilers!!!

When he loses his shield (this will not destroy summoned fiends that’re still around, you’ll be killing them manually), Kun Whu goes back to his old tricks. Except at 50%, something new will happen, since two Tortured Souls will appear at the C shaped high tier as he repeats his shield shenanigans. Kun Whu also has the distinction of being the only boss where you’re going out of your way to trigger the *normal* mode (proof that no one should fear his wrath), namely by killing the Tortured Souls. Hardmode will trigger on its own when second fiend player breaks his 50% shield if you haven’t killed Tortured Souls and then they (now untouchable) will phase in and out occasionally to put a blue heal buff (Commune Life which heals him for an insane amount, must be removed with TW) and a pinkish protective rune shield thingy visible on him (Spirit Shield gives him 50 damage deflection, FH must be used to remove). Also Commune Life will *not* stop when he’s invulnerable at 25%, so sending the only player who has TW to underworld at 25% is among the dumbest things you could possibly do in Abyss. There'll be no need for TW or FH in normal mode.

Kun Whu is a disgrace to not only the Scarlet Circle, but to all evil mages and sorcerers everywhere. Even before Abyss got nerfed to hell and back, Kun Whu’s extreme difficulty was stemming from his insane heals (which has always been tortured souls’ handiwork). It’s a mercy to put him out of his misery.
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Re: Cins Guides - Englisch

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Cavern of Malice

Must have two tanks (although tank is a bit of a stretch, considering special quirks of bosses). Finely Honed is almost but not quite mandatory. Resolve and Tainted Weapons are also useful but pretty unnecessary so long as no one screws up.

Disregarding the entrance foyer lined with poisonous plants, this is yet another two room affair (or even one and a half, since second “room” is so tiny). Everything of importance is going to happen in the roughly circular main room. Upon entering you’ll hear crying from the back of the cave, there’s a tiny room there that contains two little girls and a monster called Dread Abomination attacking one of them. Clearly any aspiring adventurer hero would kill it to save the girls but monster assault doesn’t stop there, explosive floating brains will appear in the main room and start coming to the girls, followed by two more Dread Abominations and more waves of explosive brains, all intent on killing that girl. If you leave them be, monsters will kill the little girl and everything will disappear (you've failed completely at being heroic, you should be ashamed of yourselves). But if you just go back to entrance and come to main room again, you’ll hear crying again and it’ll reset because this is an MMORPG dungeon.

Once you’ve killed the two elite monsters (they like doing knockback), the girls will show their true colors and gleefully attack your group as alien plants suddenly sprout up and close off the entrance and the small room with deadly poison (while this would be the horrifying reveal shot in a movie, it doesn’t really work that way in an MMO format and that giant pink wave from Godslayer explosion would’ve ruined the scene even if it did). If you fail to kill all of the monsters before the girl they were trying to kill goes down to 10% or less health and cries out in pain (obviously heroic adventurers such as you would never do such a thing deliberately, it's not like you could possibly know there was more to the girls than meets the eye), girls will get pretty pissed off at your awful heroing skills and trigger the hardmode.

Someone at FC started from an outline for a japanese horror movie, I’m sure of it: a cave, some monsters and two little japanese or chinese girls to be rescued (who turn out to be vampires). But it didn’t stop there; these little vampire girls have also been mutated by the radiation from a crashed alien spaceship nearby, got captured and experimented upon by an evil wizard till they escaped, are being hounded by demons sent by the aforementioned evil wizard and even more insane than other vampires and corrupted humans that inhabit the wastes of Karakorum (because mere mutant vampire twin girls would be *passe*). When you accept the idea of fighting a pair of insane mutated vampire japanese twin sisters in a cave, everything that follows becomes perfectly sensible and right.

They’re named Jing-zhi and Mei-lin and they’d very bad girls indeed if it weren’t for one small oversight in game’s engine:
Most important thing is what might be called their “sibling bond” (visible as the purple corruption sparkling between them), which empowers them and they’ll kick your sorry asses to next week with vast amounts of unholy damage caused by a stacking dot when they're together. Sparkles (and the pain) only stops when they’re far enough.
Malicious Heal is something they’ll both do sometimes but it’s a small thing (5% in 15 seconds) and not overly important.
Malicious Ruin is something Mei-lin does to people around her (removable with SF), while Jing-zhi prefers a stacking Malicious Wrack on her tank instead (removable by Resolve). While they’re a huge -50% and a -10% per stack spiritual debuffs, neither is particularly dangerous because girls only do physical damage (unless someone screws up and they start dancing).
The second most important thing they do is Appraisals, which is basically them playing Simon Says with you. One of them will do an Appraisal on a random player, indicated by a giant light shining on the target from above, who then must do what they say (they're insane as mentioned and consider fighting a bunch of adventureres to death to be a game, which sort of wraps back into enlightenment from beyond 4th wall, since they're the only bosses in AoC who seem to understand the reason for their existence). There’s 4 Appraisals (you can tell which one is happening by either looking at the buff name on target, girl’s castbar or reading the girl’s words):
Docility: must prove nonthreatening by doing no damage to girls until it runs out.
Obedience: must shut up and sit down (sit emote).
Grace: must dance to their merry song (any dance ability works)
Humor: must laugh at their joke (laugh emote)
(if you're a clueless pugger who can't remember 4 things on his or her own, there's a Cavern script for emotes)
Dance of the Sisters is something they'll both do when someone screws up and doesn’t follow orders. They both drop everything they're doing to run to the offending player (who gets stunned) and beat him up, this obviously starts piling on giant amounts of unholy damage to everyone nearby (as usual). Luckily you can break their dance with FH or by very quickly dealing a lot of damage to them, and then seperating them again. If they actually finish their dance, everyone nearby will have gotten full stacks of their dot and probably gonna die soon (this can also be avoided by staying the hell away and leaving the hapless sap who drew their ire to die).
When one is down to 75, 50 or 25% while the other isn’t, she becomes permenantly invulnerable.
When both are at 75/50/25%, they’ll run to the middle of the room and gain Decaying Barrier (an insanely large damage absorption shield), then starting casting Absorbing Corruption, which will heal them quite a lot (and of course they’re pulsing all that unholy damage again now that they’re together). This can be broken with FH or by dealing craploads of damage to break through their shield (very risky but still possible without FH).
Once they start running to middle for Absorbing Corruption, the two players who were tanking them will get debuffs called Jing-zhi Is Ignoring You and Mei-lin Is Ignoring You (damn kids have no attention span...). Their effects are pretty clear.
They also get pretty angry if you hurt one of them too much (only in HM), any time their health difference is more than 5% both will become enraged until their healths are close again.
When one of them dies, the remaining one gets really angry so it might be a good idea to keep their healths close near the end.

In HM, the only major difference is that there’ll be lots and lots of monsters spawning in the middle called Enraged Abominations (and occasionally floating brain bombs). Unlike dread ones, these aren’t elite but they’ll attack players (they also like doing knockbacks). Cavern gets pretty busy in HM and it might trouble weaker and older computers.

That small oversight in game engine I mentioned is that children only have one attack animation and it hits to right. So putting all of your shields to right means suddenly the mutant vampire girls become as dangerous as ordinary little girls (when they’re not exploding with unholy damage). This lets pretty much anyone tank the girls and is the main reason why Cavern is so popular.

Celestial Necropolis

Must have Tainted Weapons and Steadfast Faith. Resolve and Unbinding Charm are also extremely useful but not mandatory.

This is a piece of debris of a crashed spaceship from planet Yag. Any questions you might have about the logic behind what I’m about to write below has the answer "it’s a spaceship from planet Yag".

This is a small dungeon with a few rooms populated by Jangs and Jiang Shi (which makes it pretty big by Khitai standards). The doors in this place are transparent and will react to thoughts or emotions (but only when you’re standing in the correct place, namely pale green circular pads on the ground), which means each door has a certain emote that’ll open it. But opening them won’t be enough because there’ll be a Jiang Shi standing on the linked pad on the other side, whose mental state is opposite to the opening emote (these guys will be called Conceding, Joyous, Grieving, Harmonious, Furious or Dissenting) so the door will close if you move off (the mental state of this Jiang Shi is also what shows you which emote will open the door). The solution is to obviously kill it and then use the opener emote on the second pad to unlock the door permanently. This pattern of emote recognition is the main theme of this dungeon (or you can just be a clueless pugger and use the standard Celestial Necropolis script with no idea as to wtf is actually happening here). I'll again skip to explaining only the boss battle.

The boss battle at the end with Harbinger of Jang is a blast (up to 6 blasts actually). The room is circular with 6 large pillars with another pad in front of them, but there are fancy looking forcecage thingies that cover these pads so you can’t reach them. The boss is chilling out on the central dais (that you can’t get up to). There’s also 6 pads atop the dais that corresponds to the pillars, boss will be using these himself. When someone moves close to him he’ll notice you and close the door (but you can open the door again by using the emotes you’d first used to open it, this might come in handy if you’re getting beat and want to reset the battle), then go to one of his pads and do an emote, which activates that pillar. Once activated, a pillar starts pulsing electrical damage to a huge area, a ghostly thingy called a Sentinel of Something will appear inside the forcecage and some Jiang Shi will also appear at the entrance looking for trouble. Both the Sentinel and Jiang Shi will be in the same mood, which tells you what emote that pillar’s pad responds to and a little bit after Jiang Shi come in, the sentinel will pick a random player, root him with Grip of Fear and start coming closer. Once it’s in range of the target player, it’ll reduce healing taken by 90% with Stolen Life and start to slowly kill that player with a channeling spell named Consume Life. If the sentinel is killed before target dies, the root will disappear and the forcecage it came from will be broken, allowing you to reach the pad. If you get there before forcecage reappears and do the correct emote, the pillar will stop pulsing and break down into a ramp that’ll let you reach the boss (doing the wrong emote gets you struck down by lightning and throws you back to entrance).

All sentinels are the same aside from the direction they come from, but there’s important differences between various Jiang Shi coming from doors:
Dissenting Jiang Shi will be a bunch of minions.
Harmonious Jiang Shi will be 3 guys.
Joyous Jiang Shi will also be 3 guys but they’ll cast Ghostly Healing at the boss, this is going to put a shield on the boss which will heal him if you attack (must be removed with TW once you get up there).
Furious Jiang Shi will be just one guy and he can do Ghostly Wrack on the tank (removable with Resolve).
Conceding Jiang Shi will also just be one guy but it’s a most dangerous guy, Ghostly Torment it puts on a random player will explode in 10 seconds and deal 95% damage to (aka kill) everyone nearby (removable with UC or a pom’s SF). If it can’t be removed, victim must run far away from everyone and not come back until it blows.
Grieving Jiang Shi is again just one guy and his Mind Ruin spell will put a ruin that decreases everyone’s damage by a lot (-60% magic, -40% melee damage) for 4 whole minutes (unless removed by SF), which makes it almost as deadly as the conceding one.
(it’s a pretty good idea to lock these single dudes down with stuns and knockbacks in HM, debuffs are much weaker and somewhat ignorable in normal)
(also I've been told that ruin explodes at end too but it'd take a spectacularly incompetent healer to not cure everyone in 4 minutes and, judging by this, it might be possible that wrack also explodes if tank doesn't have resolve, this could be avoided by keeping away from others too if tank can't remove it but I've never seen a tank in Necropolis who doesn't have resolve)

Observant players might have noticed a certain writing on the wall near the watery elevator thingy outside that claims this is a holy place and cursing here is unwise. Truly, if at any point inside the dungeon you use curse emote, you’ll be smitten down by lightning and take some damage. And (if by some coincidence) you happen to curse on the first active pillar’s pad instead of doing the correct emote, it’ll piss off the boss and trigger the hardmode (only works on the first pillar and correct emote is still needed to break it down). The difference in HM is that every pillar will pulse with electricity (until broken into a ramp and then destroyed) and boss will start emoting much faster. The only area safe from pulsing electricity in HM will be the area between two door pads at the entrance.

When you finally reach him, Harbinger of Jang doesn’t do all that many things:
Mind Blast (blasts the tank with electric) and Mind Crush (blasts everyone with a lot of electric) are his ordinary abilities. He also gains a stacking Overcharge buff that increases his damage 6% per stack but that's also more or less unimportant.
Prism Blast is a slow thing he does a few seconds after the second Mind Crush (that huge red crystal above the dais isn’t for show) and it’ll hit everyone on top of the dais for big damage and will fling them all back a long distance (all the way to the pillars) and the fall damage you’ll take is just icing on the cake. This will also destroy the ramp you came up from.
If he’s still alive after sixth pillar is gone, you’ve failed terribly and he puts you out of your misery.

This is the only dungeon where using a script (for emotes) is as good as mandatory. I might be talking smack about clueless puggers and such, but you should ignore me and use that script during boss battle.

Enigmata of Yag

You must have basically all of the perks for both modes (not that anyone has ever done Enigmata of Yag in normal mode but still).

This is a place where the laws of physics themselves gave up, so any questions you were gonna ask about logic or sense is for naught.

You must have taken two pieces of Power Source from Cavern of Malice and Celestial Necropolis and combined them to activate the weird stone thingy in the middle of Karakorum’s crater, which will turn out to be a teleporter to those creepy rocks floating in the sky. Since you just powered up the teleporter, it upset whatever metaphysical bullshi*'s knife edge this place was balanced on top of, and the whole mess will collapse in 45 minutes and you’ll fall from the sky among a shower of mutant rocks (yes even rocks get mutated in Karakorum, what do you think all the strange red spots and purplish tone you see everywhere means?). You’re then going to die horribly, which the game hides behind a facade of instance reset, so you must finish by 45 minutes. The screen will shake noticably when your time is getting short.

This place is a twisting mess of floating stone paths and rock islands, with all sorts of random crap sticking around (falling off the paths will kick you out into the lobby, which is game’s way of telling you that you screwed up big time and got splattered all over the crater). The first thing you’ll see is an alien elephant called Guardian, who tells you to go away. Your only possible response is violence and it’ll teleport away at 92% saying something about pacifism protocols (since it acts and talks so much like a spaceship’s AI you’d see in a pulpy science fiction story, I believe this is the remains of a computer program from the Yag ship; or that’d be the closest human analogy to whatever incomprehensible crap alien elephants of Yag put in their spaceships).

Enigmata is a damn mess (an awesome mess but still a mess) almost as bad as Onyx Chambers and I won’t even attempt to explain the three dimensional maze with the floating paths, teleporters between islands, climbable vine curtains and great falls that you can actually survive because even gravity gave up on this place (everyone gets a Low Gravity buff inside that lowers the fall damage by %60). Each time you find the Guardian again and beat it down to 92%, it’ll teleport to one of the set destinations in the maze while talking about protocols. But even ancient alien spaceship AIs have only so much patience so after you beat it up for the fifth time (the first time is always at the entrance and the fifth time is always at the top platform of the twisting maze), it’ll summon a giant worm boss called Bloated Celestial Parasite before teleporting away.

Bloated Celestial Parasite only does two things of note and they don’t really require anything special to be done, namely Parasitic Spray (sprays a cone of poisonous yellow spew that puts a dot wrack that’ll explode at the end, can be avoided by moving to side but the debuff must be removed with Resolve if it appears) and Parasitic Flail (knocks the tank back a whole lot and also heals itself a lot if tank had any wracks from spray).

Once it dies, the swirly circle thing on the ground activates into the yellow teleporter, which will take you above to the second part of Enigmata. It also drops some Beacon Relocators (more than enough for everyone but you can only carry one), using this consumable item anywhere inside this dungeon will instantly teleport you to this platform.

When you take the yellow teleporter up, you’ll be in a huge area with some nonbloated parasites. There’ll be a tube shaped floating water tunnel that coils around the central giant rock thingy and it goes up into the sky (laws of physics said screw this, I'm out and quit by the time you reached this point). Walking into the water tube allows you to swim up the spiral to reach the final area at the top (jumping into tube is likely to cause you to miss and fall to your death), once you swim high enough you’ll have to get out of water in a suitable point to land on the last roughly circular area (swimming too far along will also cause you to fall off and die). The Guardian is here (ignoring you), along with a giant alien box in the middle called Containment Receptacle. The side you swam up from has a huge glowing stone pillar thing and there’s 3 other, smaller stone pillar things on other edges of the area. When you stand near one of the 3 smaller stone pillar things, you’ll get a buff called Energetic Resonance that gives you +1000% damage.

The actual boss you want is in this receptacle, so the only course of action is to attack it. But very soon Guardian will activate the small stone pillar thingies (that are now revealed to be Perimeter Generators) and they’ll shoot beams of light at the receptacle to cover it with a pink forcefield thingy that prevents you from damaging it. Also the activation of this forcefield will debuff everyone with something called Power Surge (this lowers your damage by 25% and randomly stuns you for a few seconds). Guardian will then produce a bright globe of light in its hand and go start messing with the big stone pillar thingy (that he calls the primary perimeter generator) to create a globe of light that projects a huge cone of light in front of it that’ll start patrolling the area (named Seeker Drone if combat log is to be believed). Any time these spotlights catch you, you’ll get teleported back to the lower area (with parasites). The Celestial Parasites you've been seeing since start have a buff called Cleansing of Yag, which will make them explode in a small puff of light when they die and this effect is the only way to remove Power Surge from yourself (hopefully you didn’t kill them all before going up for shits and giggles, also there’s different types of parasites whose deaths provide different buffs instead of removing Power Surge; Lithe Celestial Parasite [+50% speed], Gaseous Celestial Parasite [+50% more fall damage reduction that'll wrap it backwards so falling down from insane heights will start healing you], Aggressive Celestial Parasite [+50% damage], Nourished Celestial Parasite (+100 natural stamina/mana regen)). When any generator drops below 50%, another globe of light will appear. Some time later, Guardian will throw the orb of light in its hand into the maze below and project a spotlight himself and start patrolling like the light globes. Someone must go back down to the maze and find the shiny thing Guardian threw (this lucky player will get a bright white buff called Attuned Hands, so now we know what the shiny orb makes someone able to fiddle with the primary perimeter generator), and then come back and use it on the big stone pillar thing (the primary perimeter generator) after all perimeter generators are detroyed. This is the only way to turn off the pink forcefield thing that protects Containment Receptacle and the "simian pest remover" spotlights.

Once the barrier goes down, Guardian immediately goes to the control panel thingy and starts messing with it (with a new attunement device he produced) and brand new orbs of light called Constrained, Renewing or Regulated Pulses will start appearing from broken generators and slowly float towards the receptacle (these lights are actually attackable and they’ll repair the box a bit if they reach it). If you don’t bring box down to 25% fast enough, Guardian will finish his fiddling and throw the device down to the maze below (again) and forcefield will reappear, forcing you to find the orb to deactivate the forcefield again while more pulses come and repair the receptacle. If you do bring it down to 25% in time, Guardian will have had enough of your **** and start creating purple teleportation circles on the ground (it has decided that since you want the receptacle so much, you can choke on it). These circles will be permanent (until the box is broken) and stepping inside after they grow up and start glowing will imprison you inside the Containment Receptacle.

This is a good point to explain just what the hell this box exactly is. It’s a prison and it holds a “strange and terrible life form” that alien elephants from Yag trapped into it (you just *know* it's bad news when the elephant aliens from Yag call a creature strange and terrible). This entire train of bullshi* you’ve had to ride in up to this point was the remains of the automated security systems alien elephants had built to contain this entity in their spaceship (you might ask why they'd want to carry something like that in their ship but the answer is "aliens from Yag"). But now that you’ve managed to destroy all of their security measures and almost broken the receptacle open, the Yag AI (or whatever the hell Guardian is) has no options left other than trying to seal the lot of you inside the box with the thing. Now a few things can happen:

1) You break the box and release this "strange and terrible" creature. It's a raidboss and rapes you with its appendages every time you try to fight it. You’ve messed with things beyond your understanding and ****ed everything up (if the world is lucky, the thing will die when Enigmata falls from the sky but I wouldn’t bet on it).
2) You all get caught by Guardian’s teleport circles and are forever imprisoned inside to keep the thing company. You’ve failed even harder (though what’d happen after Enigmata falls from the sky is anyone’s guess).
3) Some of you go inside the box and kill the creature while it’s weakened by imprisonment, then the ones remaining outside (this is usually just one player) break the box to free them. This is the normal mode that no one has ever done.
4) Some of you go inside and beat the thing down to less than 10%, then the ones remaining outside break the box and the creature is released severely wounded with just 12% health and can actually be killed. This is the hardmode that everyone always does.

The important thing about Enigmata is that there’s 3 possible bosses inside the box: X’cth the Annihilator, Tetharos the Slaughterer and Spawn of N’yarlathotep. The last one is very rare and drops twice as much stuff (but they’re all equally easy, don't believe the clueless puggers). When inside the box, all players will get the debuff Beacon Signal Lost... which prevents using Beacon Relocators. The abilities of bosses inside and outside the box are the same (except the standard Godslayer buff they’ll get outside). Also all of the bosses will eventually do something called Containment Breach to project a part of themselves outside now that the prison is damaged, this projection will appear as a smaller and transparent version of the boss outside and will start attacking the box. If left to its own devices, the projection will break the box and release the entity early (the player(s) remaning outside must prevent this by occupying its attention).

Spawn of N’yarlathotep deals holy damage to the tank with its normal attack (N’yarlathotep’s Wrath), sometimes putting in a stacking wrack (must be removed with Resolve) and his actual abilities are:
Regeneration of Nyarlathotep will heal it (must be removed quickly with TW), Protection of Nyarlathotep will bubble it up (must be removed with FH), Ruin of Nyarlathotep will kill everyone in a few seconds (must be removed very fast with SF) and Demonic Acid will hit everyone for a lot of poison damage.

X'cth the Annihilator is exactly the same as Spawn of N’yarlathotep (except it deals less damage and doesn’t wrack or use Demonic Acid), merely replace N’yarlathotep with Annihilator/X’cth in the descriptions above.

Tetharos the Slaughterer is a bruiser unlike other 2 bosses and it prefers to pummel the tank with its fists. While it’s true that its fists hit like a truck made of bricks and have the ability to occasionally inflict wracks (must be removed with Resolve) or torments (must be removed with UC or a bear’s SF), Tetharos is almost entirely harmless due not not having any ranged or healing capacity whatsoever and can be killed without a rogue or even any tanks with enough running around. His other abilities are also lacking:
Slaughterer's Ruin will hurt everyone (must be removed with SF but it does much less damage than others’ ruins) and XX Demon Rogue AoE Stuff will...
Now I’m willing to cut you a lot of slack Funcom, but come the **** on! Khitai was released on May 2010 and this is still happening as of two days ago? Get a grip guys.
Ahem... Slaughterer's Blast is (I care not what the damn castbar says in game, this ability's name is Slaughterer's Blast) more or less the same as Spawn's Demonic Acid.
As with all things in life, even something as incredibly awesome as the "Yag circuit" or "KK run" becomes boring and lame after you see it for the 40th time. It's really lamentable how blinded we AoC vets can become towards awesomeness of this magnitude because of ****ing rare tokens. Really, read all that ****. When's the last time you saw something as awesome as this in a video game?

Caution: If your group isn’t good enough to do every other dungeon in Khitai, except maybe Jade HM, you have no business in these ones.
Ai District

Must have 2 tanks and all around competence for either modes. No archetype perks needed. But critigation is very much needed and for everyone.

First of all, this is Ai District. There’s no such thing as AI District. There’s the Ai District, in Paikang. The AYE DISTRICT, in PAY-KANG. Say it one more time: AYE! DISTRICT!
It’s not AI District. There’s no AI District. Not. A. I. District.
[/grammar nazi]

Both Paikang dungeons are properly dungeony with wide open spaces and lots and lots of guys to beat up. This one is inhabited by Dark Legion soldiers (quite sensibly, ones called Elite are elites) and some beggars, plus the odd corrupted monster here and there. There are basically 2 parts to Ai: The large plazas and barricades where Dark Legion is entrenched are across from entrance (there’s 3 types of Elites and they’re all vulnerable to all control effects; Elite Dark Legion Soldier, Elite Dark Legion Archer, Elite Dark Legion Cavalry [who’re actually mounted and can be knocked off]), and beggar and corruption infested slums and harbor you can find through alley to your left from entrance.

In addition to the lots and lots of dudes blocking your way, Dark Legion holds two barricades that prevents you from reaching their commander, Yeng-Wang-Yeh (I guess his parents hated him), and they must be broken down with catapults that you must operate (or rather bring Siege Engineer from insurrection at entrance along to do it for you as you fight off Dark Legion). Operating a catapult takes a very long time and many waves of random elite Dark Legion soldiers will attack you during it and try to kill whoever is operating the catapult (preferably the engineer because you should all be busy fending off the attackers), which will force you to try again. Caution: Dark Legion Elites spawned for catapult assaults have an annoying tendency to not despawn, which means any surviving enemy from last try will come along with the newly spawned attackers when you try again. At least engineer will also respawn at entrance if he died so you’re not screwed completely upon being defeated. Catapult battles are simply waves and waves of powerful mixed elites, only thing of note is Elite Dark Legion Cavalry’s Dark Wave spell (will hit everyone nearby for a giant amount of damage) that he’ll only do after he’s knocked off the horse. It’s possible for the engineer to succeed even after you’re all killed if you’d lasted long enough (it’s clear who the real hero of Khitai is).

Catapults are a good measuring stick for a group; if you can't defend them well it means you probably shouldn't be here.

As an aside, there’s a small room near the first catapult where you’ll find a scroll for a recipe for curing corruption. Collecting 3 items from the dungeon (a mushroom that grows everywhere in the slums, a plant from a small garden in Dark Legion territory and blood of a man born under a full moon, which any Dark Legion mook could possibly be but Commander definitely is) and returning here with them will allow you to make a potion of corruption cure (this corruption cure doesn’t actually cure the corruption we know, or we’d get rich enough to retire early and not have to deal with the rest of this crummy place by selling it to Karakorum inhabitants, it’s just a special thing for a special occasion). This will come in handy but won’t be strictly necessary.

After two barricades, you’ll find their boss Commander Yeng-Wang-Yeh. He’ll be standing on the center of a very fancy large cross. He’s a mage who’ll never move and that cross he’s on is very important:
Frozen Blade (shoots a blade shaped ice block hitting everything that goes all the way to room’s walls) and Dark Wave (wtf does this even do?) are his ordinary spells.
Fire Wreath and Empower Element combo will activate the cross, causing the end of the cross he turned towards while casting Empower Element to start exploding with magical energies. Explosion area is pretty large and standing in it will instantly hit you with an elemental dot stacked to 4 (type of dot depends on which side of the cross is exploding; fire, holy, cold, electric) which deals lots of damage but explosions will soon end.
Once his health reaches 66%, he tires of manually trying to blow you up and stops casting his activation spells. Instead, explosions will start up from west arm (to his left from the entrance) and then begin to rotate around him (magic can have autopilot, who knew?). Explosions will be moving counterclockwise about every 10 seconds and getting caught in any still hits you with a 4 stacked dot (also dumb movement can get you killed by 2 different 4x dots at once now).
He feels that things aren’t going well at 33% so he starts up all of the explosions at the same time. Now standing in an explosion will give you only one stack of elemental dot but not getting out will build it up to 5 (dots only start to really hurt at 3, 4 is pretty bad as before and 5 means you’re likely dead). While this looks extremely intimidating for the uninitiated, he probably didn’t think this through because every dot will replace the dot from opposite side of the cross, regardless of the number of stacks opposite dot had, so moving around fast enough will make you take only tiny bits of damage from two dots with single stacks.

Commander Yeng-Wang-Yeh is the best boss in whole of Khitai and he manages it purely by virtue of elegance. No irritatingly complicated series of hoops to jump through or mountains of information to digest to face him; just skilled eyes and hands, plus a sense of rhythm will win out here. All them KK bosses (though awesome in their own way) are just overwrought fever dreams of overworked game designers in comparison. A non screwed up Yeng-Wang-Yeh battle plays out and looks like a dance and is a thing of beauty.

He drops his head (or rather you hack off his head after he’s dead but game glosses over that) that you can stick on a spike at the back balcony of the building he’s in (overlooking the harbor area), announcing to all that you’ve killed him. For unexplained reasons, this pisses of Sxi Ai, and triggers her hardmode (he was totally her boyfriend, I'll bet my horse).

The slums area is infested with Starving Lowlives. They’re beggars who’ll come to you and beg for a while, then they’ll attack you once it’s clear that you’re not giving them money. Sometimes a whole bunch of corrupted people will appear from an ambush and attack. In a few spots the screen will suddenly shake and you’ll see some giant thing rampaging through the street you’re in. This is Sxi Ai and she’ll trample you if you’re too slow to get out of her way. For variety you’ll find a couple of elite craterspawns and corruption worm things, followed by a man on fire. This Burning Man is the only thing in Ai District that needs a perk, namely FH, or you’ll all burn to death trying to fight him. Sooner or later you’ll reach the harbor and find a large circular courtyard that looks suspiciously like a boss arena nearby. Also the entire slums and harbor can be bypassed if you jump down from Commander’s balcony to this circular arena. Entering the circular courtyard closes off the entrance with flames and Sxi Ai will come charging from the harbor to the middle of the arena (again trampling anyone too slow to escape).

Sxi Ai used to be a noblewoman from Ai family who somehow got a bit too close to that thing from crater (you all saw the Entity’s log at the end of Enigmata considering you’re here, if you couldn’t finish Enigmata what are you doing in here? get out). But it’s no ordinary corruption, nope. She was an imperial lady, we can’t have her be corrupted like some damn peasant from Karakorum, can we? No, it’s a special corruption. She’s now the thing you're seeing and she does a lot of things aside from clobbering the tank (sometimes with Claw Rake):
Tainted Aura will be the first thing she’ll do on a random player. This player will get a Sxi Ai’s Taint buff that’ll do nothing but slowly build up for 45 seconds to finally turn into Sxi Ai’s Taint (she’s corrupted so specially, she can pass it on), but this time it’s a purple face icon and gives +80% fire and unholy invul, +5% hate and -95% healing received, along with making the player a purple glowing corrupted giant.
Burning Breath of Death will be her vomiting forth a lot of corrupted purple fire in a large cone (she seems to suffer less of an indigestion than Po-Sha but probably likes her food spicier than him).
Tremor will happen occasionally when she punches the ground and will hit everyone for a crazy amount of damage (it might be possible to be out of range for this if she’s at one end of the arena, but it hits everywhere if she’s anywhere near the center). More importantly, anyone who’s infected fully with Sxi Ai’s Taint (purple face) will be taking roughly double crazy damage. I hear they call this a “gear check” in some other games: if you got corrupted and don’t have at least 8000 hp (maybe even more), you’re probably dead on Tremor (since you’ll get almost no healing while corrupted, one of the Tremors will eventually kill you). However that corruption cure (it’s tradable!) will remove Sxi Ai’s Taint so if your hp isn’t good enough, you’ll need that.
Rage will happen when she’s at 75, 50 and 25% (a bunch of filthy peasants dare to harm her? inconceivable!) and she’ll reset her agro and start dealing insane amounts of fire damage instead of her normal pummeling. While she’s enraged, a bunch of Corrupted Citizens will come from a door at the corner of the arena and try to attack the player with the taint. Burning Bolt (a ranged hit likely to kill any nonsoldier in one hit that can be avoided by running far enough) and Burning Breath (a more deadlier version of Burning Breath of Death that seem to have been named wrongly) will be all she does until she calms down and starts casting Tainted Aura on another random player (so 1-3 people will be corrupted by the end).
(while the intended tactic appears to be using the tainted player as tank during Rage and then curing taint after she calms down, any method that works will work)
Rampage is what you saw her do out in the streets and just like back then, you’ll instantly die here too if you’re anywhere near her or standing in her way as she prepares and then charges towards a random player; this only happens in HM. Unlike most charging game enemies, trying to sidestep her charge will still get you killed cos she’ll swerve to follow you, the way to survive is to just move a bit further away as she runs, because she’ll only go as far as the spot you were standing the moment her castbar finished.

There’s an inexplicable merchant standing around at the harbor (despite the corrupted and the monsters and Dark Legion occupation). Among other things, he sells an Oversized Brain for 25s. Observant players might have noticed a certain Starving Lowlife (who was sitting unlike most others) mumbled something about his brain instead of begging for money when you got close to him. If you happened to leave him be (instead of waiting nearby till he stood up and turned hostile), you can give the oversized brain to him now. Doing this will reveal him to be Cheehwa One Eye, a very secret boss, who thanks you for getting him his brain and promptly attacks (turns out he was a mage who screwed up some ritual and his brain dropped off his head so he became a retarded beggar in the slums, for some reason a suspiciously brave merchant nearby has his brain for sale).

Cheehwa One Eye is an extremely strong, if very simple mage. He only casts Black Lightning Storm to put down a purple-black blot which’ll kill anyone standing on it very fast (area is bigger than it seems) and shoots Black Lightning Strike that even a T3+ raidboss would envy. You will need to kite and you will need something to hide behind so you’d have better cleared a large area nearby.
If you're defeated he'll teleport away with Dismiss but luckily lowlife version of him will respawn then and can be fought with another brain.

T'ian'an District

Must have 2 tanks and rogue, all with that trite gear/AA/xp thing, but this time for reals. Extremely high group damage needed for hardmode.

This part of Paikang is teeming with the corrupted (almost like Karakorum). They might not be elites (except for a few craterspawns, umbras and kang-zais here and there), but there’s millions of them and even Dark Legion has given up on trying to hold this district. Instead they’re burning it down. As soon as you cross the first wooden bridge from the entrance you’ll hear the marching of soldiers, which means Armsmaster Uxus and his flunkies have started their merry pyromania tour and they’ll burn down almost all of the map (you can actually see them come out of their building from south of the huge pagoda and walk around burning down the place, their pyromaniacal excursion will go counterclockwise starting from SE corner). Check the ingame map of Tian’an District (entrance is in west); by the time 15 minutes has passed, everywhere will be burning except for the middle plaza with the huge pagoda and the parts directly south and west of it. Once they’re done setting fire to the neighborhood, Uxus and his minions will go back to their place, where you’ll get to kill them (but only after he’s burned everything down, building will be locked until then).

Your aim in this dungeon will be to kill as many bosses as you can before Uxus drops by and burns their houses down (it’s unclear why you’re not killing him in the streets despite the fact that you were expressly sent to stop him from burning the place, maybe you also agree that burning is a fine solution to the corrupted problem). There’s 4 bosses who’ll be burned down during Uxus’ march: Ironwright (east), Juxia the Berserk (NE corner), Shadowmaster (north) and Yi-T’ian (just north of smaller entrance plaza) and if you’re still in their area when their time is up, you’ll start burning too (you might be able to run out of the fire zone to survive if you’re lucky). Aside from the fires, there’s a Priestess of T’ian’an hanging out in a small shrine to the west of Uxus’ building and she wants to perform a ritual that’ll cleanse the district while you protect her from various attackers and finally Noztaal. Neither her shrine, nor the ritual location (the giant pagoda) will be burned, so there’s no rush to help her. It’s always possible to do Noztaal and Uxus on every run.

If you can manage to kill every other boss (it still counts if you can manage to kill one even after fire starts), you’ll have triggered the hardmode on Armsmaster Uxus (unlike every other endboss, Uxus gets no Godslayer buff on HM, the fact that you managed to trigger it means you’ve already won the hardmode). Of course, Uxus will start burning from the guy furthest away from entrance so you’ll have to race through entire dungeon if you want to do HM (I’ll bet he knows you’re coming and does that to specifically piss you off).

Ironwright is a smith and hangs out in a smithy pagoda, presumably his shop. His shop and garden will be burned down at ??? (someone tell me exact times for all burnings). He has a forge that you can use to heat up your weapon, this gives you a buff called Imbue (+150% damage for a single hit, also does something that’s described poetically as “ruins the pristine quality of a mirrored surface”). He’ll be using a sword and shield or a stick and a sword to clobber the tank (sometimes with Shield Bash) and he’s a pretty unbelievable fighter (mainly because he can Shield Bash with or without having his shield out):
Concentrate is something he’ll do occasionally and it’s the most important thing as it gives him a permanent stacking healing and damage buff (not susceptible to TW) that can go up to 5, fully stacked Concentration is a pretty significant constant heal (3000 hps) and +%100 damage (it’s possible to beat him straight up despite this if your swords are big enough, but they’d have to be pretty big swords).
Anticipate (+25% evade) is his permanent buff when he’s dual wielding and always starts battle with it. Hammer Throw (stuns the target for a long time) happens if his target is too far away and he doesn’t feel like chasing (or if you get his attention from outside at the beginning). This is followed by him taking out his (very shiny and presumably magical) shield and replacing his Anticipate buff with Mirrored Shield that gives him +20% immunity and magic reflection instead (this buff’s name might be a clue about how it can be removed; if what you guessed didn't work, repeat twice more).
If he changes his weapon style, he loses all Concentration (I suspect he’s not trained for battle).
Wreck Armor will wrack the tank and needs a Resolve to fix.
Pulverize is a very large knockback that hits everyone not on his back but he only does it if he’s dual wielding.
Whirl hits everyone around him for some good damage but he only does it if he has his shield out.

Juxia the Berserk is a pretty smart rhino you’ll find at NE corner of the district (which is apparently a zoo or circus). While it doesn’t really do much other than headbutting the tank (sometimes with Impale which is a big knockback that resets its agro for bonus hilarity), it’ll periodically go to one of the cages around and release another creature. All these creatures will do something: quilin (silences everyone in its white aura), tiger (gets angier as time goes on to deal more damage), firebird (gets damage reflection and/or deals damage to everyone near when sticks its head into ground), ghostlight (does magic damage unlike everything else here), umbra (splits in two when damaged enough) and kappa (not seem to do anything interesting). The zoo and all the animals will be burned down at ???. When you kill Juxia, any creatures that’re still alive will disappear (we could hope that with the death of their tyrannical rhino overlord, they escaped to frolic merrily in the jungles of Paikang; but the truth is probably that some corrupted peasants will catch and eat them before they can get out).

Shadowmaster is an assasin who hides out in a two story building at north edge of district. He’s left a note to bait schmucks and will appear to stab you in the back as you’re reading it. His building will burn down at ???. He doesn’t do all that many things apart from hitting very hard:
Monkey Steals the Peach is the awesomest castbar you’ll ever see, sadly its effect is merely stunning the tank.
Evasion presumably buffs him with something (most likely with evasion) though it’s pretty hard to see because either it doesn’t have a buff or it lasts too short to be noticed (someone shed light on this).
After a while, he’ll run to the middle of the room and disappear with Escape Artist. At the same time whole room fills with gases that silence and snare everyone permenantly. Only escape is upstairs (or downstairs when he does it upstairs). After a while, he’ll appear again by stabbing someone random in the back (this will more or less kill anyone who’s not a soldier). Observant players might have noticed there’s a bunch of tables lining walls on both floors and he’ll actually have gone to one of these invisibly after Escape Artist (possibly to take care of some ninja business, such as preparing more of those gases for his next vanishing act), so it’s possible to reveal him before he backstabs someone by quickly checking the tables.

Yi-T’ian is a drunken kungfu master hanging out in the small courtyard with lots of barrels and fires near the entrance (don’t stand in those fires). Judging by his name, he’s from T’ian family (who used to own this place) but he (or the whole family) has fallen pretty far by the looks of it. Then again, you would be drunk off your ass too if the part of the city your family owned for centuries became something like this dungeon is right now. And I bet you’re not even a kungfu master who can kick the **** out of anything that dares to approach with only pants and a jug of wine:
Haymaker is a drunken roundhouse kick that’ll mess up or kill anyone who’s standing in front of him (can be avoided by moving to his side).
Cocktail is something he’ll throw at a random player that’ll set the ground they’re standing on fire.
Berserk means he’s pouring his jug on himself in a fit of rage. All the ambient heat then causes this to ignite and he’ll panic and start running around like a headless chicken (that’s on fire and sets fire to the ground it treads upon). Being on fire makes him extremely resistant to damage (+60 damage deflection, +50% immunity) and stuns anyone who stays near him for 5 seconds. Not to mention all the flames he’s leaving behind is deadly (just like Cocktail), so you can't just all sit back and plink him to death while he's spazzing out. Luckily, there’s a whole bunch of water barrels lining the walls of the courtyard (he’s not actually running randomly around but towards these barrels) and fiddling with one causes it to spray a lot of water around and a cold shower is what Yi-T’ian needs to come back to his senses (he doesn’t break the barrels himself because he really can’t think very clearly right now, or so I assume).

All 4 of these bosses are comparatively simple (compared to the likes of Chosain/KK bosses) but they’re all extremely heavy hitters who like crits a lot (much like their neighbor Cheehwa). Adding in the time trial aspect means HM is really hard.

As for Priestess of T’ian’an, she needs your help to complete her ritual at the huge pagoda. This ritual will draw the attention of a lot of corrupted and a few of the elite monsters before a boss named Noztaal appears, all intent on killing her. Noztaal is a piece of wood that does nothing of interest whatsoever (the few things he does like Tremor and Slam aren't even worthy of mentioning). Consider this a consolation prize if you failed to manage HM.

When you finally get inside Armsmaster Uxus’ room, you’ll see two doors at the back, a lot of piles of wood along the walls of the room and a whole bunch of Dark Legion Grunts. They’re a bunch of losers and are easily killed, then Armsmaster will come in from the right door. On top of everything Uxus does, an elite archer called Dark Legion Defender will occasionally appear from one of the doors who’ll need to be dealt with (it might be possible that more archers will come in if you don't kill him fast enough but I'm uncertain).
He’ll be mostly clobbering the tank (occasionally with Cleave and Overpower) but:
Most important thing about him is that he’s Heavily Armored, which means he’s invincible as long as he has stamina. Attacking only drains his stamina until he runs out, at which point he becomes Overheated, takes off his helmet and start to regenerate his stamina very quickly but no longer invincible; he’ll only become invincible again when his stamina is %100 (clearly his helmet is magical beyond reckoning for this to be possible). Messing with one of the wood piles along the walls will set it on fire and these bonfires will drain a lot of stamina from him if he’s close, but there’s a limited number of wood piles.
Sometimes he’ll chug a Regenerative Elixir and will need a TW to prevent him from healing.
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Ardashir Fort

Must have 2 tanks with Resolve and Steadfast Faith for hardmode, Tainted Weapons is almost but not quite mandatory. Also tanks had better be very skilled in the art of agro management or you’ll be at the last boss for hours.

You’ll acquire this place by buying the Turan adventure pack. It offends my sensibilities that the main Turan storyline happens at 50-55 level bracket but the ending is at a dungeon for 80s, this is messy.

Ardashir Fort is another proper dungeon with lots of guys to beat up on the way to bosses. It’s populated by very bad dudes from Turanian army, who are pretty close to Paikang districts in difficulty level. There’ll be a little surprise for you on the that first ramp leading up to first boss but I’m not spoiling it. There’s also going to be a few more tricky encounters with soldiers but I won’t dwell on those like usual.

You’ll find first boss Commander Kamangir on his awesome steed in a square courtyard with a large metal grate in the middle. Entering the courtyard strangely Snares everyone but even more strangely, going to the far left corner from entrance removes the snare (my guess is that they poured grease or something to the ground beforehand to make footing tricky for enemies but then some dumb grunt spilt some cleaning material in that corner). There’s a bunch of spearmen waiting under the metal grate who’ll poke your heels mercilessly for 1000 damage every second if you ever step on it, which also Snares you again if you’d removed your snare in cleaning corner (this snare comes from injured feet and is totally unrelated to that other snare), and the whole courtyard is surrounded by archers watching from above (archers don’t simply kill you all because Kamangir is stupid and didn’t order them to).

Commander Kamangir is a straightforward guy who just bashes his rhino into tank’s face. The main problem is that he’s got constant Natural Armor (+50 DD) thanks to his rhino and a short temper that causes him to enrage at 4:30 mark. He’ll run back to the middle of the metal grate frequently for the only two things of note he does:
Hail of Arrows is him signaling his archers to shoot en masse. At the end of it, archers watching from above will rain arrows down onto the whole courtyard and anyone who gets hit with arrows will get rooted in place (this can be removed with various root break abilities but you shouldn’t be getting it anyway), except for a circular safe area around Kamangir (archers are likely too scared to shoot too close to him because their commander is both stupid and short tempered). This safe area covers only the metal grate and the paving stones on the grate’s sides but not the corners (also sometimes Kamangir gets confused and stops his rhino in a place that’s not the exact middle point of the grate, in which case the safe area is still a circle around him). And if Kamangir happens to be enraged, getting hit with arrows will be instantly fatal.
Rhino Charge always comes right after Hail of Arrows and is the only reason anyone actually cares about arrows. Kamangir will choose a random player (he’ll target himself just to be a dick so target’s target is useless here, instead the rhino will turn towards the chosen player) and charge his rhino at him at the end of castbar. While the rhino will be following its target’s movements as it waits, it’s going to charge in a straight line the moment casting ends. Anyone standing in its path, original target or not, will get hit (if they’re particularly incompetent, two or more players standing together can manage to get hit with one charge). Getting hit by the rhino is almost but not quite certain death as it’ll inflict Crushed Armor Wrack (a -20% physical wrack with a %30 snare on top and a dot for icing, Resolve can remove it though) in addition to the huge initial damage. But there’s a silver lining to it, in that if everyone manages to avoid the charge, rhino will crash into a wall and get Dazed (-%25 to all mitigations) for a few seconds. This also removes Natural Armor from Kamangir and is the main reason why no one should be getting hit by the rhino; even if nobody ever dies from getting rhinoed, you’ll run out of time if he doesn’t regularly lose his Natural Armor.
He can still be killed even after he enrages, assuming your tanks are good enough to kite without ever losing track of him and getting arrowed.

The next boss is General Arman and he’s at the last huge room of the fort, hanging out with the final boss. You really shouldn’t disturb Sodabeh before you’re done with General Arman. He’s also a pretty straightforward guy (Ardashir Fort is a surprisingly down to earth, low fantasy dungeon full of ordinary dudes doing straightforward things, everything is very sensible when contrasted to things like Karakorum. Well, except for the horrors from beneath the seas that wait in the final room) with just a couple of tricks up his sleeve aside from poking the tank with his spear:
Repulsive Cleave deals heavy damage (more than 4k on squishies) and knocks everyone back in a cone, which is why only the tank should be standing in the front.
Fatal Strike will start hitting everyone near him and is not named exaggeratedly. Its range is short but no one should be near him at the end of it.
He also does Skullsplitter and Kneebreaker when he’s bored of simply swinging his spear but they don’t really do anything.
The main problem here is the monstrous Deep Walkers (they’re definitely servants of Sodabeh) that start coming in from the stairs leading into the (shark infested) water. Every 30 seconds a new Deep Walker will appear, causing a permenant dot called Poison Fog (stacks as 1/2/3/5/10/25/50% poison damage every 5 seconds) on everyone inside the huge room. While it’s pretty harmless to start with, everyone will start to feel the pressure around 5 stacks and 7 stacks means you’re all screwed. Deep Walkers can also shoot some Poison Bolts and punch people, also killing one removes a stack of Poison Fog (but doing this will hit everyone with another permenant stacking debuff called Lingering Poison that increases the incoming poison damage by 5/10/20/40/80/160%).
While standard practice is to have one kiter to keep all Walkers busy until other players beat Arman, you can split the group and kill them as they appear to get rid of the race against the clock (Lingering Poison is a joke).

Sodabeh is the final boss of Ardashir and it shows. When Arman dies, a few little crabs will appear in the room. Killing all of them triggers hardmode for Sodabeh (they were probably her beloved pets). Disturbing Sodabeh causes two giant humanoid crab monsters to emerge from the water: Sodabeh’s Firstborn will come from the stairs leading to water on the left and Sodabeh’s Secondborn will come from the stairs on the right. They do lots of things in addition to whacking people with giant claws:
Most important thing is what might be called their mood, expressed by a buff icon and an aura about them. The mood to watch out for is Stormy Sea (+250% damage, immune to stun/knockback), indicated by them glowing purple with a black buff icon. This only happens if crabs are too close to each other or one crab has died. Group must split in two and keep them away from each other while steadily beating both down to ensure they’ll never enrage and shred tanks (just like in Cavern of Malice, but monster crab sisters are far more dangerous than mutant vampire sisters). Their other moods are also very important: Feeble Breeze (-250% damage) is when they’re buffed and glowing blue, Empowering Wave (+25% damage, immune to stun/knockback) is when they’re red. At the very beginning, they’ll both appear in blue mood but in a few seconds one of them will turn red. Afterwards, there’ll always be one red and one blue crab (unless they both turn purple) and their moods/buffs will occasionally change (about once every 40 seconds but not exactly). This mood swing is very important; every time a crab’s mood changes (purple doesn’t count for this), she’ll also switch the two players at the top of her agro list. This is vitally important because both crabs are able to almost instantly destroy a squishy player upon turning red. More than that, if the player at 2nd place on either crab’s list has (for some reason) ran off to the other crab, she’ll give chase upon switching and usually this means purple crabs. A tank that can’t reliably take and hold 2nd place near the end of blue mood is the premier reason why players die and groups fail here, Sodabeh’s daughters require both tanks to be very good at agro tango.
Piercing Stab is them stabbing their target with their poisonous claw. It deals some poison damage and inflicts Infected Wound debuff (3% poison hit every 3 seconds) on the victim.
Wracking Stab is them stabbing their target with their poisonous claw harder. In addition to Infected Wound, this one also inflicts Poison Pincer Wrack (a wrack with a %50 snare on top that must be removed with Resolve). This usually happens a few seconds after they turn red.
Poison Breath is a cone of poison that deals extreme amounts of damage to anything in front of the crab. Luckily, they can’t move while doing it so this can easily be avoided. This also only happens when they’re red and usually happens right after Wracking Stab, which explains why squishy players die almost instantly if tanks aren’t good at agro handling (purple mood affects these abilities as well, so a purple crab spewing poison usually means everyone nearby dies).
Healing Wave is a hot (green buff icon) that the crab with the higher health gets and it can be removed with TW. Which crab heals is completely under your control, so you’d better actually control it and it’s even possible to kill them without TW if your group has enough damage (crab healing ticks for about 4.5k, it’s not that insurmountable for a group with good gear).
And while all this is happening, Sodabeh herself randomly shoots Poison Bolt (poison damage) and evil looks at people (Necrotic Death, a quickly stacking debuff that’ll mess you up, [-10% poison invul, %50 miss/fizzle chance, %160 hinder movement at max stacks] has a distinctive evil eye icon and can be removed by sidestepping, possibly because Sodabeh’s eyesight isn’t very good and she can’t follow a fast moving target with her terrible gaze, she ain’t no Sauron).

Once her two daughters are dead, Sodabeh shows her true self (which is an even bigger humanoid crab monster) and attacks. Her giant claws hit even harder than her daughters’ and she has a few other tricks for you:
Poisonous Aura is a permenant buff she has that’ll hit people every 5 seconds for some moderate poison damage.
Shell Shock is her crushing a random player with her giant claws (I get the feeling that this is always targeted on 2nd player in agro list but I have no proof), dealing very heavy damage (you probably shouldn’t be here if your health is less than 5k). It’s possible (but not advisable) to run far away or hide behind something to avoid this.
Tormenting Shell Shock used to be a second nasty hit that inflicted a horrible deadly torment that required you to clear it with Unbinding Charm but FC removed it cos they’re catering to a bunch of sissies (the fact that UC is an unusable piece of **** had nothing to do with this I’m sure)...
Piercing Stab is her stabbing her target with her poisonous claw but unlike her daughers, her claw doesn’t leave a dot behind.
Sodabeh’s Wracking Stab is a nastier version of the daughters’ wrack, doing similarly terrible things to the victim if not removed by Resolve.
Sodabeh’s Ruin is a lethal physical ruin with a dot that’ll melt everyone in a few seconds and must be removed from whole group with SF. There’ll be no cues for this, healers must be vigilant and cure it as soon as red/gray ruin icon appears on group.
Necrotic Gaze is her version of Poison Breath, except the giant waves of poison she’s spewing forth are actually harmless and the real harm comes from a new type of stacking Necrotic Death (aka evil eye) debuff that she instantly inflicts on everyone that deals damage in addition to other crippling effects. You can just stand in the huge poison waves emanating from Sodabeh and they’ll do nothing. This new type of Necrotic Death is also easily removed by sidestepping and you should remove it quickly before you melt.

Normal mode is more or less identical, except there’ll be no wracks, ruins or heals to be removed. As I said above, both modes require your tanks to be skilled in the art of agro management. This bears repeating: if you're not a healer, become skilled before trying to fight Sodabeh (healers have it easy cos the swapping is between tanks and dps).

House of Crom is some sort of ancient temple city thing that Vanir invaders in Field of the Dead had been digging to unearth since game launched. It took them about 4 years to clear all the rocks, aided by the discovery of far eastern lands and the strange exploding black powder imported from there.

House of Crom (or rather House of Valka as you’ll learn later on) was the last refuge of a bunch of Atlanteans as the unsunk parts of their empire was being ravaged by barbarians. Talking to the few tenuously sane ghosts will slowly reveal that this place was built by orders of the last queen of Atlantis, who had divine visions from their god Valka. Far as ghosts remember, she was promised salvation for her nation, which is why she ordered the best mages, scholars, priests, warriors, craftsmen, etc of the last Atlantis survivors to build this grand underground temple here and abandoned everyone else to the savages. It’s pretty clear her plan didn’t work out but you’re gonna have to do the whole questline to see just how much it didn’t work.

Threshold of Divinity

One really good tank can carry a whole group of randoms OR everyone must be decent in a balanced group (2 of tank, heal, dps).

ToD is the common part of HoC. It’s full of Vanir looters and Atlantean ghosts. It’s also the second prettiest dungeon AoC has to offer. Threshold is an open instance, which means people other than your group can be inside and all enemies will respawn. There’s 12 bosses here, all of whom drops a rare token and a blue item from numerous HoC sets, plus a secret boss. Most of the ToD bosses have randomly spawning rare versions of themselves. These rares all have different monikers and are a tiny bit harder. Far as anyone knows, there’s no trick to getting rare bosses aside from killing normals over and over until rares appear. Here’s a ToD map made by Cynara:

While bosses are mostly pretty easy in ToD, there’s still a lot of schmucks who keep farming the easiest ones over and over because they’re a bunch of sissies whose lack of balls is embarrasing. As before, I’ll skip to bosses.

Shryke is an Atlantean ghost hanging out with his buddies in the room to the left of the crossroad. His rare moniker is the Storm-Shrieker (he never shrieks or does anything sonic related so this name has nothing to do with his abilities, my guess is that he got that moniker because he used to be afraid of storms and would start crying in his childhood). His two big buddies are called Fire Guard and Ice Guard, his little buddies will be moving around a bit but won’t really fight you. Guards will do some ignorable fire and ice themed things and summon a bunch of minions while you beat them up and they’re not worth the effort to chronicle. Once they’re both down, Shryke attacks while his small buddies (called Atlantean Slave if combat log is to be believed) walk to the walls of the room to wait. He’s an old school tempest, not one of the pansy snake worshippers we see in this Hyborian Age, but a hardcore Valka worshipper whose lightning will fry newbies so hard their ancestors will be charred:
Column Lightning afflicts a random player with Lightning Attractor debuff and lightning starts arcing between him and the target for a pretty long time. While it’s a very weak dot, it goes on long enough to kill squishier players. It’s not the target who should be panicking during this spell however, the actual sudden electrocuting death happens to people standing between Shryke and his target (who might be a clueless pugger running around in blind panic frying everyone else without even noticing how little damage he’s taking himself). Observant players could notice that one of the little guys standing near the walls gets a blue shield on him once Column Lightning starts (why or how Atlanteans insulated their slaves against lightning is a mystery lost to ages). If the target of Lightning Attractor gets the arcing lightning to hit this blue shielded flunky by blind luck, Shryke will get shorted out. This will stop the lightning stun him for a bit (electric insulation is an abomination unto Valka so Shryke is left stunned with this heinous crime).
Forked Lightning is his more entertaining noob fryer that he always runs to the middle of the room to cast. High voltage death will start to arc between him and every one of his little buddies, who decide to take a walk along the walls for the duration of the very long spell. This lightning shaped death will destroy anything in seconds so everyone has to move along with little guys to not get fried. He can still be attacked during Forked Lightning but it’s a pretty risky thing to do.
It’s hilarious to see just how quickly Shryke’s Forked Lightning can destroy entire groups. A wise (but not strictly necessary) policy is to keep him near the walls to get some time to react to Forked Lightning.
Another important note is that Shryke is more or less the only guy in ToD who puts up a decent fight. He’s so great that he gets to be the only ToD boss with his own repeatable quest.

Jotunrodull is a frost giant shaman hanging out with his buddies in the room to the right of the crossroad. His rare moniker is the Lord of Black Ice (a few Vanir looters outside mention him, apparently he’s quite the celebrity in Vanaheim). When you get close to them, the 6 Ymirish Heavy Reavers standing at attention will start to come at you in twos. All of them will leave a permenant Frost Cloud behind when they die, which will flashfreeze anyone standing in it pretty badly (15% cold damage every 2 seconds, that’ll stick with you for a while even after you leave the cloud). Luckily there’s plenty of space in the room. After a pretty long time (enough to comfortably kill the reavers), Jotunrodull will stand up and start fighting (apparently frost giants don’t believe in teamwork). While his occasional Breath of the Tundra (a huge cone of avoidable ice) and Sudden Ice Fall (a very heavy aoe that hits a few seconds after the castbar ends) are pretty logical abilities for a frost giant shaman and aren’t much to worry about, that giant axe of his is extremely sharp and he can pound your tank to dirt with a lucky string of crits (he wouldn’t be out of place in T’ian’an).

Hero Plateau is the place above the staircase with statues of (presumably) great Atlantean heroes. The door leading to top is blocked by a flame wall maintained by the Atlantean Conjurer at the end of stairs. Looking at the plaques of old heroes summons their ghosts for some unexplained reason. There’s 5 of them and they have no rare versions. Also killing each one will give your group a tiny buff (Whatever’s Bane) that’ll make you unable to summon him again until it expires. Seems being dead for so long didn’t do these heroes any favors (or they were pretty weak to begin with) for they’re all too easy:

Vram the Duelist likes it up close. He doesn't like it if everyone isn't in melee range of him (he probably considers hanging back to be cheating) and gains a stacking Deflection Shield buff that gives him damage deflection proportional to number of people who aren’t up in his face. He sometimes does A Storm of Blades to hit everyone around him for some moderate damage and occasionally Knockback to knock everyone back.
Thaex the Challenger on the other hand, doesn't like it if many people are mobbing him in melee (I’ll bet Vram and Thaex were probably like an Atlantean buddy cop movie back in the day) and gains a Deflection Shield proportional to the number of people who are up in his face. He sometimes screams to express his Brawler’s Defiance, which deals some unholy damage to everyone nearby, this also hurts more the more people are up in his face (obviously more anger means more decibels). He sometimes throws an Explosive Flask on the player furthest away that sets ground on fire right after Brawler’s Defiance, this actually hurts and might be deadly if you insist on standing in fire.
Am-ra the Trapper apparently was some sort of crazy inventor guy or in a Valka temple choir, he throws things called Viper's Decoy near the player furthest away from him, which nets him a Deflection Shield (+70 DD) and creates a glowing electrical trap thingy (it's either some sort of holy relic from Valka priests or this dude had invented proximity triggered EMP grenades, who can tell what sort of crazy **** those ancient civilizations got into?) on the floor which hurts anyone standing in it. He also does Fool Toxin to deal some poison damage. But it looks like common sense wasn’t a requisite for being a hero in Atlantean days, for he can be made to stand in his own trap with ease and this breaks his shield.
Gor-na the Commander calls for reinforcements with Rally the Troops, causing an elite Ancient Soldier to appear and this guy will shortly give him a Deflection Shield (+70 DD) that can only be removed by killing him near Commander. Blowing the Horn is another call for help and summons an Ancient Martyr (who’s a minion that’ll die very easily) whose death will heal the Commander a lot if they’re close. He also sometimes snares everyone with Battle Clamor, halving their speed. While beating him up without caring about anything is fine, it should be pretty easy to figure out how to make things go even faster with this info.
Dem-ru the Mage is the only ghostly hero that didn’t completely forget everything with the passing of millenia, in that he can still cast Blood Extraction, which will heal him a lot if the target hasn't hidden behind something by the time he finishes casting. He also casts Frigid Torrent (hits everyone nearby for some cold damage) and Pyrotechnics (hits tank with fire). Unlike others, Dem-ru never gets any damage deflection.

Priest Syth-los is another Atlantean priest’s ghost that hangs out in the chapel with his ghostly flock. His rare moniker is Hierophant. Neither him, nor his 3 flunkies react to you until you wake them up by using the braziers in the room. Every brazier represents a word and you must light up a phrase to get things rolling. Once woken up, the 3 Atlantean Initiates will spread out and start endlessly casting Valka’s Favor to constantly heal Syth-los and even more of them will keep endlessly appearing to heal him even more. Syth-los himself does only a couple of things aside from whacking the tank with his mace:
Mark of the Pariah is something he’ll throw on a random player, tagging him for lynching (for his imagined crimes against Atlantean gods I guess). An Atlantean Zealot will appear to oblige him and attack the target relentlessly, luckily they’re not the most spry members of the flock and will get tired and stop moving or attacking completely if target manages to keep away for long enough (they’ll keep standing around harmlessly if target doesn’t come close to them again but they’ll shake off their lethargy if the pariah comes near). But if the target player is also a bad runner (and/or manages to get killed), zealot will go stand somewhere to cast heals on Syth-los just like regular initiates.
Wrath of Atlantis hits a huge area for a lot of holy damage, making it pretty dangerous for players that got roughed up by zealots.
So far 3 phrases have been found that wake Syth-los up. Lose Thy Faith will hit him with True Humility, this makes him take 20% more magic damage. Thou Be Feeble will inflict Crushing Humility that increases physical damage taken by 20%. However Sacriledge debuff from the last phrase that I won’t write here is virtually cheating; not only it makes Syth-los unable to cast Wrath of Atlantis, it also stuns him every time he tries to (only the lamest people would even want to use this phrase).

Artificer Xan-phon is yet another Atlantean ghost who hangs out in the smithy. His rare moniker is Master Artificer. He has two pieces of strange equipment next to his forge called Heating Device and Cooling Device, both of which will be at 50% at start. As can be imagined, fire damage fills up Heating Device and cold damage fills up Cooling Device, other types of damage doesn’t affect either. These devices indicate that this isn’t anything like your grandma’s forge and Xan-phon is going to prove it shortly.
For starters, he subscribes to the Vram school of combat and will show his distaste for distance with Punishing Throw, which deals outrageous amounts of damage to people who don’t stay within a few meters of him at all times. This hammer hits soldier classes extra hard, killing them very quickly to prevent lame people from cheesing him (nonsoldiers would rarely survive a 2nd Punishing Throw anyway).
He also enjoys throwing things other than hammers at his enemies, such as Burning Salve, which sets a random player on fire (indicated by a fiery debuff icon on group window if for some reason you haven’t noticed that someone is now covered in flames) and while it’s a pretty small dot, it’s going to explode and inflict horrible burns on everyone else in 5 meters when it runs out.
Power of the Forge will be something he regularly does by running up to the forge to activate its mystical powers, which will net him a +100% damage (quite likely all Atlantean forges didn’t contain such powerful technology and/or magic back in the day, just this specific forge constructed in House of Crom was so pimped out on Queen’s orders). This will reset both devices to 50% and also obviously cause tank’s death pretty soon, unless one of the devices was overloaded by group’s mage(s) before he tried to use the forge. A full Heating Device will give him Overheated! debuff when he tries to use the power (which is a long stun followed by a mere +50% damage), while a full Cooling Device will hit him with Frosted! debuff (halves his speed and no damage bonus whatsoever). Without his sweet forge bonus, Xan-phon isn’t anything to worry about (though you’re in for an uphill battle if you don’t have any mages in group).

Alchemist Myk-ra hangs out at what’s likely an alchemy lab. His rare moniker is Apex Alchemist. There’s 4 messable cauldrons around him (labeled Melt, Chill, Alkaline and Discharge) that’ll be pretty important. He clearly knows all the tricks of his trade and is definitely the busiest enemy in the game:
Evaporate Compound floods the lab with a gas and places Dense Gas effect on everyone inside the room.
Chemical Reaction fills the whole room with some sort of unidentifiable substance and places a Condensing Vapors effect on everyone in the lab. While these two definitely do something beyond covering the whole room with gases and vapors, damned if I know what (nobody else knows either).
Transmuted will hit everyone in front of him with -50% electric invul and a 20% snare.
Skin to Bark will likewise inflict everyone in front with a -50% invul to fire and poison.
Blood to Ice hits for a whopping -100% cold invul (also a tiny cold dot hitting 1% every 5 seconds).
Glaciate is a reasonably long spell that’ll hit everyone with Frozen Lungs, a hefty 22% cold damage every 3 seconds. While it ends before killing someone by itself (unless you got Blood to Iced), 88% damage is nothing to sneeze at. Luckily, messing with the cauldron labeled Melt will make it explode and shower everyone with (what I presume to be) an alchemical substance that’ll cause a Frost Shield buff that’ll block Frozen Lungs for a few seconds. Other cauldrons similarly explode and coat everyone with different alchemical substances (giving buffs named Heat Shield, Alkaline Coating or Grounding Shield) but using any locks all of them for a while.
Ignite is a fire version of Glaciate, inflicting Burning Lungs on everyone (has much less potential danger thanks to relative weakness of Skin to Bark). The stuff in Chill cauldron can help against this.
Toxify is the poison version (called Asphyxation) and Alkaline cauldron is the solution to it.
And Electrify is the Electrical Burns version prevented by the substance labeled Discharge.
Activate Automaton will happen when he’s at 75/50/25%. Each time it brings 2 of the 6 Clay Automatons in the alcoves on the walls to life. Each pair will have one with a green Gift of Life buff (that heals it for an extremely tiny amount) and one with a red Gift of Death debuff that’ll slowly destroy it (5% damage every 3 seconds). When Gift of Death “countdown” finishes (one minute after Activate Automaton for the mathematically impaired), other automaton will attack. Clay Automatons aren’t very dangerous and can easily be killed before they activate, but they can hit pretty hard once they get going (a group with very big swords can possibly drop Myk-ra to near death before first automaton even activates).

Arcanist Khor-nu stands alone on a grand circular arena at Temple District. His rare moniker is Archarcanist. He must’ve been among the mightiest mages Atlantis had to offer because he’s invincible even after thousands of years as an insane ghost, your attacks will only drain his stamina (very very slowly). In addition to his default attack spell Energy Diversion (that deals a lot of electric damage), he has few other spells:
Rune of Hunger roots everyone in a large circle that gradually becomes visibly yellow on the ground, then starts draining extremely large amounts of mana from everyone on it as soon as root wears off (you’ll be completely dried out if you don’t run out instantly and even when you do run out instantly, it’ll likely take half of your manabar).
Rune of Devouring gradually creates a similar large pink circle that’ll start dealing extreme amounts of holy damage to everyone on it when it’s almost complete (strangely, combat log calls this “Rune of Devouring Mana Check” but it’ll destroy everyone with equal ease, regardless of their mana).
Call Apprentice will bring out 3 of his flunkies. While they’re mostly harmless and easily killed, their main purpose is to distract you.
Opening the Rift is his final and most important spell and he’ll start casting it when he’s got about 20% stamina left (but he’ll always spare a few seconds to call a last group of apprentices first). This spell takes a whole 90 seconds to complete and will be randomly hitting people for huge electrical damage in the meanwhile. When it ends, everyone will die. Luckily, Khor-nu’s actual health is extremely low and he’ll go down very fast once his stamina is gone (he’s a true glass cannon) but it’s an extremely difficult damage race to kill him before he gets it off. While it may or may not be an oversight (like sisters in Malice) or even a bug/exploit, it’s possible to not die at the end of Opening the Rift if you run to the far ends of the room. Khor-nu will then start casting Opening the Rift again if anyone’s still alive (never seen a group whose dps was low enough to allow him to finish a second casting, maybe something different does happen then).

Runecaster Narvi is one of the Vanir invaders (instead of yet another Atlantean ghost) hanging out in front of the ziggurat, and he gets the best rare moniker ever in the Opener of Hideous Doors. It’s pretty clear from his babbling that he’s off his rocker (guess he shouldn’t have opened those hideous doors), but incurable madness doesn’t stop him from casting a whole bunch of spells:
Keystone Energy summons a bunch of Destruction Demons. These demons are very small and weak but will slowly buff themselves up, becoming larger and more powerful (they’ll be pretty huge at fifth buff).
Destruction will destroy one of the Destruction Demons, dealing a tiny bit of electric damage to everyone near it. This damage increases greatly with demons’ size but it’s not something to be really concerned about (because all demons should’ve been dead long before they grew up).
Keystone Shield will give him the titular shield (+80% damage mitigation). While this shield is active, attacks will occasionally build a stack of Absorbed Power buff on him (up to 5). Unfortunately, what this buff does is anyone’s guess.
Keystone Blast is his big spell that takes a lot of time to cast, during which he’ll be very well protected by Keystone Ward (+100% magical invul and +60% physical invul) and it’ll deal an extreme amount of electric damage to everyone at the end. Unfortunately for him, this takes long enough for everyone to get healed fully with standard blue and green heals so this is something utterly useless (unless you brought along someone whose total health is extremely low, as in less than 5k, in which case death is still avoidable by running to somewhere Narvi can’t see). Keystone Ward also has 30% chance of inflicting a debuff called Diluted (stacks to 5) on him every time he gets hit, which will then break the ward (this happens pretty quickly).
Unleashed Energy is a final little surprise that he rarely does (nobody knows exactly why it happens despite Narvi being the most overfarmed thing since Enigmata). This will stun the tank and then start doing crazy amounts of electric damage. He’ll sometimes stop after a while and sometimes spam it over and over until tank dies.
While it might seem like a lot in writing, Narvi is practically a dummy. It’s perfectly safe to completely ignore everything and beat him up unless he starts unleashing energy, which might have something to do with Diluted and Absorbed Energy buffs but I have no evidence.

Crossroad King is the secret boss (whose existence was so subtly foreshadowed on the loading screen) and he’s right where his name implies: at the crossroad. However he’s inside the pillar (where else?) and demands skulls (for the skull pillar) to come out to play. These skulls are white items dropping randomly from other bosses (won’t appear on rolls unless loot threshold is set to white) and you’ll have to place 3 of them onto the crossroad pillar to wake him up. He doesn’t have a rare version but he always drops crates of rares, 2 Atlantean fragments and a ghost pet (to be rolled for). Who he was, how he became a king for the crossroad or why the crossroad needed a king are secrets lost in mists of history. He doesn’t have all that much to him apart from whacking the tank:
Antediluvian Horror is the most fitting spell name ever conceived and will scare the tank and possibly reset his agro.
Touch of the Grave is a pretty fast spell that’ll deal a huge amount of cold damage to a random player (possibly enough to kill) but it can be prevented by putting the pillar between him and his target.
A Feast of the Breathless is his bubble and healing all in one (not susceptible to either TW or FH). He starts healing a bit every second and dealing any damage to him will hurt you for 3% (for physical) or 7% (for magical) on each hit. As long as you’re not utterly incapable of restraint, this shouldn’t kill you.

Then there’s the actual secret boss that requires some preparations to summon and a raid to defeat, which was a pretty big mystery until solved. I’ll not be mentioning it further for obvious reasons.

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